Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WILW #11 & Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays

I'm Loving this link up as always.
I'm Loving that we leave in 3 days for Christmas Vacation.

I'm Loving that being gone means a lower gas and electric bill. haha

 I'm Loving that I won a $25 gift card from Gift Card weekend to Applebee's. Dinner was yummy.

I'm loving my boys, they are my everything.

I'm Loving that I have set goals for the new year, and hope to accomplish all of them.

I'm loving being an Army wife, I meet so many new people all the time.

I'm loving that I got a Christmas box in the mail yesterday full of goodies. I LOVE getting mail. Thank you Aunt Rhonda.

I'm loving that my mom and baby sister had a great time a snowball express. ( A event they go to every year, that acknowledges all family that have lost someone to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan)

I'm loving that I almost got all my laundry down, just one more load.

I'm loving my pins from this week. (Check out below)

What are you loving this week?

Another fun link up today....

This is awesome.

                                            Going to try this with Aiden, hope it goes well.

Such a good idea.


  1. I LOVE the name and info above the crib...that is such an adorable idea!

  2. Love making new goals for the new year! What are some of your goals?

    Lucky you being on Christmas vacation in 3 days. Jealous.

    And thank you so much for you and your family's service to our country. So greatly appreciated!

  3. Julia....LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog banner!! You have lots to be thankful for. Your enthusiasm is so contagious!! I will be stopping by more often. I'm so pooped I needed this beautiful pick-me-up this morning!! Have a blessed Thursday with your beautiful men!! xoxoxoxox