Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going crazy.

I am such a mess and in a funk. The past week I've set goals and none of them have been reached,glad I didn't tell anybody about these goals  because that would have been pretty embarrassing. For example mopping my floors or getting my laundry done or just keeping my house decent. I can't even stick to a diet.

      Yesterday I had to go to Walmart to get some oil and I could care less of how much of a mess I looked. I had banana split up on my pants dog hair sticking since they were black, I had baby food carrots on my back from Masons messy hands. I just got a new haircut but you couldn't tell because I did nothing with it. I truly felt like a mom who had nothing together and going crazy.

I had a doctors appointment on Friday and I was so excited to go to get an hour to myself is that sad?

Every night when I go to bed I'm thinking that the next day I will get up and get my house spotless and I will have makeup on and my hair done and Aiden will actually be wearing clothes since he likes to be naked and Mason will have on a onesie with no baby food on it. I will have dinner pulled out and cooked by dinner time. I also think that today will be the last day I have sugary foods or the last day I will eat chips for a snack but sure enough I baked brownies last night and had a bowl of barbecue chips. I think that I will have my boys in bed at a decent time or actually have a routine that I'm able to stick with. I'm losing my own battle here.

I really need to get my stuff together. Such a random blog post but I needed to vent about myself.