Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge.

The Army life has its pros and cons, but when it comes to things they give you to help your family, they care. Danny and I went to a marriage retreat in Washington a couple years ago and I loved it. I learned tons about my husband and ways to help our marriage. Even though we just went for the free trip to an amazing lodge in the mountains, we took away a lot. This past weekend, we went on a family strong bonds retreat to Grapevine, Texas. We stayed two nights and 3 days at Great Wolf lodge. Room and food all paid for, and in return we attended classes to help strengthen our family.
Aiden Waiting for Daddy to get home to leave for the weeked.

Day 1:

Check in was at 4:00. We checked into our room, and headed to the conference room where the classes took place. They provided free childcare in the rooms right across the hall. Sat in class for 2 hours and then we were done for the night. While in class we had to make a name tag for our family and my hubby went with MILLERTIME and we decorated it. We won 2nd place ($40 to Logan's steakhouse) for our creativity. We headed to the Moose Caboose Buffet restaurant that's in the lodge for dinner, where they gave Aiden wolf ears, how cute right? After Dinner we headed to the indoor water park which looks awesome!! We were in the small kid pool for about 10 minutes when my husband decided to take Aiden down the little slide, He ended up falling and cutting up his knees. Needless to say he was unable to continue swiming for the rest of the night.
Day 2: Up early, enjoyed the breakfast buffet, took Aiden to the childcare and off to class we went. We learned some great tips about family building. Classes ended around 2:00 and my husband was having back pain all day and by the time we got to our room, he could barely walk. A quick trip to the ER and some fun meds later we were back at the lodge, enjoying dinner, the tree lighting ceremony and the water park again. We even hit the arcade and Aiden won some fun toys and candy.

Day 3: Once again up early and enjoyed some breakfast, then off to class. Classes ended at 12:00 to give us time to explore the lodge more and the town before we headed home. Went to an amazing mall and my hubby went to a magic shop. It was a fun yet exhausting weekend.

If you have kids who can enjoy a water park this lodge is AMAZING!!!
I Love my boys!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mason Daniel Miller

This year has flown by and this pregnancy is flying right along with it. A few weeks ago we found out that our little Miller is a boy, and a few days ago we agreed on a name. Mason Daniel Miller. I still can't believe that I will be the mama of two boys. Being the only girl may have it perks, maybe they will want to spoil their mommy.

Aiden really enjoyed having the balloons around, the small things make him so happy. When I was pregnant with Aiden I filled out the belly book, so ordered a 2nd book and doing the same for Mason. For both pregnancies being boys hey are very different, which is why so many friends and family leaned towards girl. I can cry at the drop of a hat, and I am loving sweet candy like laffy taffy and starburts, instead of chocolates. Different is good, I just hope the delivery is the same, Aiden took 4 hours and I would love for Mason to be just as fast if not faster.

Today I am 24 weeks, only 16 weeks to go.
I'm happy that the 2nd trimester has been pretty good, when I found out I was pregnant I was nervous because I was having what seemed like tons of stomach issues. The doctor said that the symptoms would likely get worse and they could not help until I have baby. The good news is that the stomach issues have are gone, I'm one happy mama. I hope third trimester is nice to me.
If you have more them one kiddo, where you pregnancies very different?
It's been forever since I posted, I give kudos to the blogger's that have kids and a job who keep up with blogging. I wish I had good time management skills. I'm hoping that once baby Mason is here and will be home with both boys that I get better with time and start blogging often again.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear, Daddy

Its that day again, the one where in your words would have been "my time". Today marks 6 years since we last saw you, since an IED (Improvised explosive devise) took your life. You are on my mind every single day of the year, but on this day, I hate thinking about it. I like all the other days because I just think your  in the field or just still in Iraq, which I know after six years can't be healthily but it works for me. I wish we could just skip the 26th of October every year, since I think of you all the time and all good memories but this day does not bring ANY good ones. I hate today! Wish you were home, would love to know how things would have been, but I know God had a plan in his decision it's just hard on this day to understand what and why.
       I hope you look down on us and get a good laugh, you have 5 crazy grand kids that are very entertaining, and # 6 is on the way. I laugh thinking about how Me, Laura and Melissa all have 2 kids, guess Nina will take after you and mommy and have 4, just joking Nina. I hope you are proud of the McGinnis bunch, we have had more hard days then goods in the past 6, but the good out shine the bad. Mommy got a new Doctor and it looks like this one actually cares and wont hold your death over her head and truly look and see what is causing the pain she has, Laura works her butt off, and is amazing mother as well and Melissa, who also in my book has the worst luck of all of us but seems to manage and despite all the bumps she had to jump finished school and is now a nurse of some sort. Nina just retook a stupid test they have to pass in Texas, and is either going to school or working real soon, also her dog had 7 puppies that for a few days she had to care for, must have been fun having 7 kids to tend to. Danny has decided to not stay in the Army, so we have a brand new adventure to look forward to soon, being an army brat all my life the thought is a bit scary but I'm sure we will fit right in as civilians. We all really miss you!!! Since I'm pregnant my hormones this time around are insane and I cry all the time, so making my letter to you short so I don't break the lap top, :) .

Love you always,

your daughter Julia

Friday, September 28, 2012

I LOVE FALL & the Nail Files

Linking up today for the Nail Files and wanted to share a few fall projects I've actually been able to finish.
Got this color from a friend, really like the way it looks.
 wishing for fall weather
As soon as it was September, I pulled out my fall decor. The weather may not match but I don't care. I'm excited about the colors and smells, and wearing jeans and boots, and making chili and tons of soup and crafts.

I have finished 2 projects so far and love them.
Foil tubing pumpkins
These cute pumpkins I found on pinterest. They are made from the dryer vents. It was super easy, just hot glued the ends together and spray painted them.
Here is what it looked like on pinterest.
Foil tubing pumpkins
This wreath I thought up on my own, just spray painted the the tree branch wreath I got from hobby lobby black, sprayed the M and glued the cute Halloween signs to it. I LOVE IT!!!!
Have you done any fall crafts?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby #2

Can't believe we are having another baby.

 I am 14 weeks pregnant, even when you are trying its still shocking when it becomes real. I'm excited and scared at the same time. How in the world will I raise 2 kiddos, time will tell I assume. We found out we were preggo in July, and all my family and friends are very happy and excited as well. I was not blogging when I was pregnant with my first, so it should be fun sharing the craziness.

I seem to be doing a lot of comparing. With Aiden my morning sickness was insane and ended up loosing a lot of weight, this time around I just feel sick, not actually getting sick. I kept counting the days until the first trimester was over thinking my sick feeling will go away. Not a chance!! I am actually getting sick now that I'm 13 weeks, Not fair :( .

The nest part about this pregnancy will be that my husband will be home, he missed the whole thing with Aiden and missed the birth by a few days. No deployment in the future so my hopes of him being here the whole time are very high. I"m just happy to be able to share the experience it with my boys.

The next big news will be finding out the sex, I wish I was able to wait and make it a surprise, but them I wont be able to truly shop and I LOVE shopping for baby things.

I think it will be a boy and my husband think its a girl, we hope to find out by the end of October. Can't wait.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy that summer is over.

How was your summer?  I am happy that fall is right around the corner.

The only reason it felt like summer was because of the heat. I miss being in school and having the summer off, but here's a small recap.

 My hubby and I both worked pretty much all summer but we had the weekends and it included some BBQ's and swimming at the lake, we went to Texas to see some family on a four day weekend, also my amazing friends and hubby threw me a surprise party, and went to a few kiddos birthday parties as well. So overall it was not a bad summer, just really HOT!

My little man loved the water.

Aiden and his cousin Isabell at the Aquarium in Tulsa.
Playing in the sandbox.

Birthday Party

Such great friends

girls night, home made face mask

wishes never get old

my silly boy


Just a few photos from the summer, Had a good time but I ready for FALL.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday Link up

Today I am linking up with Jamie for What I'm loving Wednesday.

Last week I was off the whole week and I LOVED spending all day with Aiden, I truly miss being home all day with him. I wanted to share all the fun things we did together.
So today I'm loving that I had all that time with him.

Making Art work.

Hanging out in the box mommy made around him.

Enjoying lunch in a box.

Homemade bubbles. A little water and dish soap in a bowl, a water bottle with bottom cut out, a wash cloth over the bottom held on by a hair tie.

Finding the letters/


Spent time at the mall play area, pushed around in a car and enjoyed a cookie.

He's beat :)

I truly LOVE the time I have with my baby boy.

What are you loving?