Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It;s ok thursday

It's okay Thursday.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay to love spending the holidays with family.

It's okay that this year was the second time I have ever opened presents on Christmas morning. I think it will be a fun new tradition for me.

It's okay that I know most of the songs on bubble Guppies.

It's okay to sleep most of the 19 hour trip and have your husband drive, he's a better driver anyways.

It's okay to be excited about having sauerkraut for dinner on New Year's, it cooks all day and a crock pot it's yummy. Family tradition.

It's okay to enjoy having family around to help with Aiden, it's nice having a break.

It's okay to be enjoying my new iPad 2 and have a app recording me talk and typing everything I say. Such a lazy butt today.

It's okay to love Dr. Pepper.

It's okay to think about whether or not I should have a job.

It's okay to wonder if I can handle having 2 kids.

It's okay that me and my husband did not give each other gifts for Christmas or for our anniversary coming up. All that matters is that we have each other.

It's okay to be nervous about the new year and what It has to offer.

It's ok to share random things with you.

I love that Aiden wanted to hold her new cousin Jeremiah, he kept saying baby it was cute. I love the family rules and movie quotes I found on pinterest. Also those little booties are so cute.


  1. I love this list so much! And I too know all the songs on Bubble Guppies!

  2. I am just learning about Bubble Guppies! I am also afraid of having two kids... eekk!

  3. I love your sons name! My cousin is Aiden but with an a! :)