Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WILW 2/29

I'm loving this link up

( I had tons of pictures to show but they are not working, ill show them tomorrow.)

I'm loving that my son is talking more and more everyday. He is growing up so fast. We have to watch what we say now since he loves to copy. 

I'm loving that my aunt donated $50 to my realy for life team, that puts me halfway to my $100 goal, and helps out our team goal as well. 

If you or anyone you know would like to help, you can donate here.  

I'm loving that my car is not now hitting E, and it's been a month since I filled up.

You may be loving the giveaway from Annabelle over at

The Carolina Country Girl

I'm loving my boys as always. 

What are you loving?

Monday, February 27, 2012

52 weeks of us

I'm starting a little late....

Week 9

Phone photo fun Mondays

Picnic in the backyard. 

I went on a date with my hubby, he took me shooting for the first time. I was so scared but glad I finally did and look forward to more dates like this. 

Both my boys knocked out from a long night.

Elephants from the Circus last week. Aiden had a blast

Yummy breakfast from pinterest.

1 can of crescents
8 pieces of bacon
And eggs. 

I don't use my camera anymore, I am always using my phone. Anyone else having that problem? I hope everyone had a great weekend. Saturday my hubby and I went shooting, I loved being able to go out and do something he loves. Saturday night we had a BBQ with some friends. Loved hanging out and laughing, it was fun. I live doing BBQs but not thinking we will only do a few this summer, they are a lot of fun but can also be a lot of work. We will see I guess. Poor Aiden was up coughing last night and was still at it this morning and called and have a doctors appt later in the morning, hope we get some meds for him to feel better.

Happy Monday. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012


 Excited abut Linking up with Dana for the first time.

No winter for me here in Oklahoma :)


I seem to have lost my blogging routine, I would blog in the mornings while Aiden was eating his breakfast and watching his bubble gubbies. Now that I'm at work in the morning it's hard. I just seem to  have a hard time blogging at night. At night is the only time I have, unless I can find the time during my lunch break at work.  Maybe I will have to start blogging ahead, because I blog and post right after. We will see I guess. :)

Date with the hubs

Today we are going shooting. I've never shot a gun in my life so I'm a bit nervous, but happy that my hubby is excited to teach me. I hope I enjoy it because I k ow my husband does, and it could be something we enjoy together.


This week at work I did the breast feeding pump training, and wow I wish I was better educated when I was pumping with Aiden. I stopped because it was painful, and now I know how to fix that problem. I needed bigger phalanges. I also did some file organzing and I found myself singing the ABC's a few times. It was funny. 


Danny and I love BBQs so we are having some friends over tonight to get our BBQ on, can't wait. 

Thanks for stopping my my little world and reading my nonsense, Hope you have a beautiful weekend. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Linking up with Jamie for another what I'm loving Wednesdays 
Go link up.

 I'm loving that I had a awesome first week at work.

 Loving the chair my mom redid.

I'm loving SALES

I'm loving my sweet hubby for this surprise.

Loving Atlanta bread!!!!

Loving how clean my stove top is.

loving the German dinner I made.

Loving that my hubby likes his gift.

I'm loving that we went to the Circus last night and Aiden had a blast. Pics coming soon. 

I'm loving that yesterday I got up early and worked out, cooked breakfast  and had a good day at work, and that aiden does awesome at Tiffanys. 

Loving that pretty little liars is almost over, really wanna get the "A" mystery over with. 

Loving that this week is flying by. 

What are you loving?

Monday, February 20, 2012


Relay for life

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I wanted to share with you all that I've joined a relay for life team and set a goal of $100. I have never tried to raise money for anything so I'm a bit nervous and not sure how to go about it. 

Cancer seemed like the right thing for me to help raise money for because I have lost all my grandparents to cancer. It's scary. If you have a story and would like to share please let me know. I want to help any way I can and relay for life is giving me an opportunity.

If you or anyone you know would like to help, you can donate here

Thank you for reading, and for any help.

Have a beautiful day.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

project 364

This is my first time linking up with Laura from between the lines, very excited because I have a app called project 365 that I have used since Aiden was born, so going on two years in April. I love the idea, and excited about linking up. 

2/12- waiting for that snow to show up. We got excited because we have not had any yet this year.

2/13- my first day at work, and it actually snowed. Nice!

2/14- had a wonderful Valentines day. Aiden and I made heart pizzas for daddy. 

2/15- my day off, I look tired.

2/16- Aiden still not used to me waking him up early. 

2/17- my mom helped put that new cute fabric on Aidens chair.

2/18- I found this huge card my my husband waiting on the treadmill for me when I went to workout. 

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, I'm going to the range to shot for the first time ever. I'm nervous. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its ok

It's ok Thursday

Its ok to be me, trying to live my life to the fullest, but wow I am tired and I think it's starting to show. 

It's ok to put playdoh on your head when your this cute . 

It's ok to want to make these for Aiden. He loves bubble guppies.

It's ok to pay $50 for these cute and comfy shoes, a child gets a free pair. 

It's ok to LOVE boobies. 

It's ok to love this polish. 

It's ok to have a silly hubby. Love him.

It's ok to use aidens bath paint to leave love notes, 

Hope you all a a wonderful day.

What's ok with you? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LOVE 2/14/2012 and WILW

What I'm loving Wednesdays.

I'm loving

That Aiden has been doing good with Tiffany ( she watches him while I work)

That yesterday I picked up Aiden without crying.

That our pizzas really looked liked hearts.

That my husband loved the gun he got for valentines day.

That I'm off today.

That even with working my house has been able to stay clean.

Going to get me a pair of toms today.

That my family is coming up this weekend.

LOVE 2/14/2012

Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines day.
The hubby and I both worked, but plan to go out this weekend. 

I got a little crafty and filled the love book in the above picture with memories. 
Love songs, small love notes we shared, even the yellow sign that was on the outside of our tent from 2003 when he asked me out on my family camping trip. 

Do you keep you love letters? 

I still have every letter we wrote each other, from high school to basic to deployments. Does this make me crazy?

I even have every card. 

Oh boy I'm crazy. 

I always over did it during deployments.

I love reading them, such sweet memories.

I drew my hand and send it to him and the. He drew his. Sweet right? 

What did you do for this love day??

Aiden and I made heart shaped pizzas and bath tub art for daddy. 

Aiden loved his balloon, animal cookies and play doh.

Do you celebrate valentines day? 

Get anything special?