Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's ok Thursday/Christmas List

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It's OK

It's OK to be 25 and have a wish list for Christmas, even though I don't really ever share it with anyone. Just swapped lists with my husband last night. It's new for us, but it's nice to know what he likes. Thought it would be fun to share with the blog world.

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

It's OK to go to the taco bell that less then half a mile away just to get a Dr.pepper.

It's OK to be SUPER excites that my sister is going to trade a ipad 2 for our alien ware laptop, cause it will be better for her in school. I have wanted an Ipad for a long time.

It's OK that it took me forever to rake leaves yesterday and I'm still not done. We have a huge yard and my arms stared hurting.
It's OK that I was went to Zumba yesterday but just was not feeling it, all I kept thinking was how bad a driver the instructor was. I was following behind her and I though I was driving behind a drunk driver. Where are the cops when someone is basically driving down the wrong side of the road? They are always there when I forget my blinker.

It's OK to dread a 18 hour trip with my 19 month old. He does not sleep as much on car rides as before.

It's OK to LOVE Chinese food, and hope that if and when I get prego I can handle it. It was something I hated with my first pregnancy.

It's OK to make a list of things I want to change for the better for the new year.

It's OK to wish I had room in my living room for my Christmas tree, it's in our den and we don't go in their very often.

It's OK to want to be on the biggest loser, it's such a inspirational show. Miss Jillian though.

What's OK with you today??


  1. Is the Dr. Pepper in a bottle or can? Cause I think Fountain Beverages have more bubbles and I totally go to a Cumberland Farms (I don't know if you have those) for a diet mt. dew! And I have Christmas wishlists and I am 25 too!


  2. Love that camera! Thanks for becoming a follower- I'm following you back!