Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Friday in 2011


You were a good year overall. My husband was not deployed and that is awesome in my book. I really love having him around. My baby boy has grown up so much. I love when he says hi mommy and hi daddy it's so sweet sounding and just plain cute. We moved and I must say I'm not hating Oklahoma. It has its downs but we make it work. I love being close to family, they are less than five hours away. That's much better than the 33 when we were living in Washington state. I've made some good friends, but do miss my Ashley in Washington. No one in our family passed and this is a relief because we have had a pretty crappy past few years when it comes to losing family. Most to cancer, I hate cancer. I grew and shrank in size, haha it is what it is. Maybe I'll do more shrinking in the new year.


Please don't go by fast. I want to take it slow and enjoy every day. I want to cherish every moment with my friends and family. I hope to learn tons of new things. I would love to become healthy, the change my lifestyle kind of healthy. I hope to make money and help contribute to our family, all while still raising Aiden. The thought of daycare all day is scary and I don't think I could do it so fingers crossed for a part time thing, or I could just get really good at selling jeans. Need to be more out going for that to happen, something else I hope to accomplish in the new year.

I hope that everyone has an awesome new years, have tons of fun and be safe. I'll be here in Texas with family playing games, drinking and having a good time.

Here's some pictures from this week I wanted to share. Aiden and daddy playing on the swings and the outfit is just cute, loving the dress and glasses. Aiden loving the toy he got in his stocking, such a cute face. Aiden and Ariyanna playing at the park; it was nice getting out of the house.

Are you excited about the new year?


  1. Aw, 2011 sounds like it was a great year!! And I love your outlook on 2012. I want to enjoy each day as much as possible as well :)
    Your baby is ADORABLE!

  2. Julia, do spend each day and moment that you can enjoying your family, it all goes by too quickly! Hope you all have a blessed new year! cant wait til i can visit again miss you all!

  3. Putting my son in daycare was a very hard choice. I completely understand where you are coming from! For almost two years he stayed with a family friend. Then we noticed he wasn't socializing with kids they were all adults. So we put him in daycare and he has learned soo much! Good luck with your decision!