Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm a SAHM again.

           It's bittersweet, I loved the job I had but also missed being home with Aiden. Although there were many other factors to leaving work, Aiden was my number 1 reason, and that Baby Mason will be making his appearance in just 8 short weeks
         Let the nesting begin, Have a running out of time feeling, but I know it’s just the pregnancy. Tons of baby clothes to wash, finding a toddler bed for Aiden and putting his crib in Masons room. I sold and gave away so much of Aidens things I’m kicking myself in the butt now for sure. Really want to find a jumperoo, and going to need and diaper changing pad again. The main thing I hope to find is an amazing diaper bag, I still carry tons of snacks and toys for Aiden and he’s 80% potty trained so pull ups are always with me and baby wipes, so I want to find a cute but durable bag but also one that does not look like I’m dragging a suitcase around. I think it’s my nerves that make me feel I need certain things since the idea of two boys is exciting but also a bit scary.

           This pregnancy is 100% different then the 1st, but I assuming it just feels harder because I have a 2 year old I’m chasing around where as with Aiden I slept most of the time. The fear of labor is just as bad as it was with Aiden, now I’m not scared of the unknown; I’m scared of the known and all the scary things that could happen.  Is it too early to want this pregnancy to be over already?

 1st picture is 32 weeks with Aiden and the 2nd is with Mason, feel smaller with Mason.

Now that I’m home all day again, finding things to fill our day will be interesting. We will be down to one car soon so thinking of things to do in the house is a must, at least until we can go outside more.  Pinterest here I come.