Wednesday, March 13, 2013

38 weeks

Almost time... I'm still nervous but I'm done being uncomfortable and ready to complete our family. I'm so excited to see Mason. This time around since Danny was home we did not get a 3D ultrasound, so we are anxious to see what and who he looks like. Aiden is a clone of his dad I would not be surprised if Mason was as well. 

Aiden was born at 38 weeks and my water broke on its own so I've been extra anxious this week hoping for the same. Except its totally oppisite, seems I have to work a little harder to help Mason along.  Hope that I have good news at our Dr appointment.

This past week may have been rough because of pain and lack of of sleep but my mom is here and she is a huge help. I love having her here. Its nice to have someone other then a 2 year old to talk to during the day. I am very grateful to have her and Aiden adores her.

Here are some pictures of the week.
Did some painting, played in his new mini sandbox, jumped and decorated the trampoline, blew bubbles,we even decorated for spring/ Easter.