Saturday, September 12, 2015

Alamo City Comic Con 2015

 Alamo City Comic Con 2015

This year we knew we wanted to dress up, since last year only Aiden dressed up. This was only our 2nd year going, but we knew from the the first year this was something, as a family, we love and will be doing every year! So naturally, we were thinking of things to dress up as on the way home from the first one. 

We love flea markets and thrift stores, and while walking the Trader's Village flea market it hit us after finding great deals on clone trooper helmets: we will be clone troopers. Awesome!

Time goes by, and we are thinking that clone troopers dressed as the Avengers would be awesome, and that's what we were planning on doing until about 3 months before this year's comic con. My sister works at a party store and was talking about the minion costumes they were ordering. 


We looked all over the the web and found minions dressed as storm troopers, but nothing where clone troopers dressed as minions; this was AWESOME for us! We put in the order for 4 minion costumes and we waited. Danny spray painted the helmets yellow.

Then, slowly, we added the hair and the goggles. The boys' costumes came in and they were adorable. However, Danny and I are were still waiting.  We were 2 days away from comic con and still no costumes for Danny and I. Panic mode sets in. Backup plan: find a yellow shirt and overalls. This won't be hard. WRONG! Finding overalls was a pain and I finally found one for me from target and for Danny the day before comic con from tractor supply. I was so happy we found some.

We are blessed and got into Alamo City Comic Con thanks to the Wounded Warrior Project. They provided us tickets last year and this year and we are truly thankful. 

Always sharing our favorite moments with our BFF's 

Elevator Shot.

Alamo City Man

Minion troopers in stores now,

Stan Lee and Aiden

How do you think we did? The boys were so wore out. They did amazing. We were stopped for photos most of the night so I am very proud of them and they lasted longer than I thought. My feet are killing me!

Time to start thinking of what we are doing next year. Any ideas?