Sunday, March 25, 2012

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I've been MIA for a little while. Last weekend after Danny's Birthday lunch I was not feeling good at all. I however put on a happy face and went on for a few more hours, we were planning on going to Wichita falls that Sunday so I wanted to clean my house. As soon as we got home I fell asleep and just like that 3 days go by and I'm still sick and sleepy. I had went to the doctor on MOnday and they said I had a ear infection, which was was strange cause it was my throat was killing me. As soon as I got home from that appointment, where they had just cleaned my ears Is when I stated feeling the ear pain. It's now been 3 days where I've not eaten and maybe had one bottle of water to drink and my body was slowly shutting down on me. Finally on Tuesday I went to the ER, where they gave me an IV and some pain meds. This only took 8 hours of waiting. I really don't understand why ERs take so long, I always see doctors just sitting around. I have to thank my friend tiffanie for watching Aiden the whole time, it made it much easier to layin the waiting room in pain without having to chase a 2 year old. 

I feel bad for Aiden, the whole time I was sick he was miserable. Yelling at me to come play, but I just lay there on the couch half dead. Mom fail for sure. I finally feel better, only thanks to the pain meds I got, I was in a drugged state for two days, but was able to go to work. Now a week has gona by and it was sad, but I was happy that I was feeling much better, and was ready for the weekend.

The weather this weekend was perfect. Went to the city on Saturday, and did the yard on Sunday. 

Going to link up to show my weekend in pictures.

Hope you all has wonderful weekend, and have a good week.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday my love

Happy Birthday Danny.

I love you.

I know that today your on 24 hour duty, but I still hope you have a great day. 

Look forward to tonight, Aiden and I will bring you dinner and cake. No need not to celebrate. 

I'm very lucky to have you as my husband, you and Aiden mean the world to me. I love you babe!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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What I'm loving Wednesday 

These rings. I'm not big on jewelry but for some reason if I LOVE rings. 

The crossbody purses, looking forward to getting a new purse soon.

These patio sets are so cute, love the colors.

Loving my baby boy Aiden. 

Loving my hubby as always. Getting pinned, so proud of him. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

week in photos

The past week went by so slow. I was in OKC for training and was away from Aiden for the first time. Was only gone for three days but missed him and my hubby very much. I did not realize that I had such a routine with Aiden until being away. I found myself waking up looking for the baby monitor. Glad I'm home, but did learn a lot in training and excited to be official. Starting today I will be really working and will be able to help my coworkers. I know I will love my job, and because of this job I think I will be starting school again. 

I had a awesome weekend and have some fun photos to share. 

Sent my boys pictures, while I was away.

O, how I love thee

I did enjoy a hot bath and a mani pedi for myself while away.

My sister Melissa came up and I took photos of my nephew Johnny, he's adorable.

I want this for spring. Super cute.

Aiden loves the decals, I got them from the dollar store.

My sister wanted some of Danny's BBQ, it was so yummy.

Had dinner at a friends, which was so good. Aiden ended up slipping on a toy while we where there and would not put any pressure on his leg. Off to the ER we went. We were seen right away and did X-rays, nothing was broke so we were in the clear. Aiden was such a happy baby the time, we were not prepared for going to te ER so I called and asked my friends if they could bring me a extra diaper, I got the diapers plus all the goodies  you see on the bottom right of the picture. Love them.

Saturday was a very full day, we woke up early and watched a soccer game, went and exchanged busy bags, hung out at friends house for a bit, then went to a gun show which is where this picture was taken, Aiden had fell alsleep while I was holding him walking around , I ended up having to sit and let danny walk around more because he's not a baby anymore. He's heavy.

Aiden loved all the busy bags we went and got. Such a great idea I look forward to the next exchange,

Love my silly family.

While we were at the roller derby we got to see a proposal. So sweet. She said yes.

Ended the night at Chili's with some great friends. 

Have a beautiful week everyone, 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

52 weeks of us/project 365

4- I'm not ready for tornado season.
5- these yummy mini cakes were only a $1.00 a box. 
6-first day of my traing in OKC went good and target was the first thing I did when class was over.
7- mani/pedi for myself
8- my little booger being silly.
9- trip to the ER, but my little man was a happy baby.
10- good day with friends. 

52 weeks of us