Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My 100th post. This time last year.

I just want to say that I love blogging. Even if no one reads what I have to say. I enjoy it. It's something I can look back on. However I do enjoy reading all of the wonderful people who follow my blog and leave nice comments, and I love reading their blogs as well.
I started this blog to share my experience here in Lawton, I've shared all the things we had already done here but since I've come to learn that there is not much in Lawton, I have started blogging about anything and everything. Food, crafts, family, friends, love, shopping, and much more. So I was thinking about what I would blog about today and thought I would take a look at this time last year.

Last year we were living in Fort Lewis Washington.

I had dark hair.

It snowed very little, but enough to build a snowman.

                                          I made mini Christmas trees for fun.

                                          Aiden could be entertained with a box for a good minute.
                                                       Our Tree last year.

                                                     Got Aiden a new car seat.

                                         Then and now, loves to smile. (unless he is near Santa)

                                           We saw awesome lights.

                                                   My hubby napping from a long morning at work.

                                                    Aiden being silly.

                                                   Cutest little butt

    Daddy left cute notes for me, I was always checking the camera when Aiden napped and this is what I saw.
Our view on good days.

Thanks for those who stop by and read. Have a beautiful day!

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