Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving

What I'm Loving

Today I'm loving that the company I work for Vault Denim gives away so much. I really want to go to the convention in Vegas this year, I sadly had to miss last year. If I can host 5 parties in August I have a chance to win a free flight there.

What's Vault Denim???

Would you like to host a online party for me??

Help me get a chance to go to the convention in Vegas this  year??

Leave me a comment if you do and Ill contact you.

I'm loving that I have a sofa in our den now, and loving the new spongebob toy box.


I'm loving my boys.


I'm loving that we found a place that sells an amazing jagerschnitzel

Photo: Yummy jagerschnitzel. This this was HUGE.

I was in heaven.

What are you LOVING this week?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Loving/Circus Party

 I'm loving that went to a Circus party to celebrate on of my friends daughter 6th Birthday.
I had a blast, and so did Aiden. Mirium you did an awesome job, and can't wait to see all the pictures, but until then here are my phone photos.

Birthday Girl

Miri & her little man

Aiden's first face panting

Tiff and I

The Girls being silly as always

My silly boy

   He's such a cutie


Yara and I

Noah getting his face painted.

I'm Loving my boys as always.

The decorations at the party were super cute and she had tons of fun games, even a dunk booth and I was able to enjoy that.

Looked like a fun party right?

What are you loving?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surprise Baby Shower

I have never done a surprise party of any sort before, I was really nervous about someone giving it away (me mostly) Many of you probably follow Ashleigh from Life as I know it, a few friends (Kimberly and Maria) and I surprised her and it was a success.


 Ashleigh decided that the nursery theme is Peter Rabbit and that's all I needed to get the ball rolling, that and her husband on board to get her to the restaurant, we would be hosting it at.


Facebook makes it really easy to plan surprise parties, because all you need to do is set the party as private and tell all that is invited to shhhhhh.

How cute is this invite made by Maria.

I wanted to come up with cute peter rabbit ideas and and this is what I came up with.

First I looked online and Amazon has super cut peter rabbit party supplies, but since I was on a Budget I just got this Peter Rabbit cupcake set.

I was looking to use things I already had at home, the glass pebbles I got from the dollar tree forever was a good start. I just went online and found some free printable's and printed away. I uses Mod podge to stick to bottom of pebbles.

What do you think?

This is what I printed.

The images I printed were framed, and put on the ends on clothespins.


The Games we played were Baby Babble which was a word scramble, a memory game, the toilet paper around the belly and the price is right with baby items listed.
I thought adding the Rabbit was cute.


I wanted to make a cute and unique gift, and Modge Pod is my BFF.

Cut the pages from the book and glued to the letters, I was very happy she liked it.

The Surprise

The set up

The sweets


It was tons of fun and I so happy that we were able to pull if off, her reaction was all worth it.

Some photos were taken by Ashley Cabelka @ Front Porch Photography
Cake was made by Grace Kunkel @ Sugar Fairy Cakes a Sweets 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

RED, WHITE and YOU Followers Fest

Hello everyone, My name is Julia you can click here to read a little about me. Thank you for stopping by.

Forth of July : Independence Day

This is my Favorite day growing up, and sill is today. The carnivals, BBQ's,  (really miss my dads cooking)swimming, fireworks, hanging with friends and family. I love making food that goes with the holiday, so today I want to share what I will be making for the BBQ, Pool party we will be going to, very excited about cooling off, its been crazy hot here in Oklahoma.

For the kids I made the cute fruit kabobs into a flag that I found on pinterest of course.

Just made the flag fruit kabobs.Thanks for the idea once again pinterest.

Super cute right??

Also going to attempt to make white chocolate fudge, adding some red and blue coloring into it. Pictures to come once I've finished.

This is something I would love to wear today.

Crafts for the kiddos.

Since my little man is 2 I try looking for fun easy and of course messy crafts for him. Going to have him do some finger painting, which he enjoys. Going to try and make a flag, wish me luck.... hoping it will come out looking as good as this.

Red, White and Blue

Image from pinterest,codes dont seem to work for me. If you can help me with this please let me know. It's been driving me nuts.

Thanks for reading, Have a safe and fun 4th.