Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday #9

Just four more days until Christmas Vacation. Texas to drop off dogs with my mom, the to Georgia to Danny's family for Christmas and then back to Texas for new years to spend with my family. Going to be busy this week cleaning, doing laundry, need to mail out Christmas cards ASAP, try to get zumba and play dates in with friends as well. Here's some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

My little booger all bundled up.

The not a real word "FORQOJ" got 261 points. My hubby did not tell me until after he had the jail broken version that let's you use fake words. He always kick my butt in this game but that one word killed me.

Aiden and I attempted the hand print tree.

We love each other.

Our dogs are spoiled.

Need to really get this customized. ;)

Small wreath I made for my aunt.

Aidens dancing while I cook dinner.

Miller's Kitchen indeed.

Happy Monday !!


  1. I love love love your chalkboard on your backsplace!! THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!

  2. We have the same stocking with our initials, too (the center one you have posted). And I love the tree you all did; we have a toddler niece and nephew and I have been trying to find a fun activity to do with them for Christmas, may need to steal :)

  3. I love those stockings as well as all of your decor! I will have to try the handprint tree with our daughter. I'm sure she would have a blast. :)
    Sounds like you are a busy lady! It made me tired to read. lol ;)

  4. The handprint tree looks so cute! Excited about the wreath!

  5. Love this entry! I just did my first one! :)