Monday, June 10, 2013

Starting over

Week 3 and 4 Update:

               Everything was going great. Walked 6 days, and was feeling great. I was even seeing the scale finally move down. That went down hill real fast. Woke up Sunday with throat pain, so first thing that morning went and got some medicine and vitamin C to drink, I had a busy week ahead of me and being sick was the last thing I needed.
     Within a few hours, just throat pain turned into chills, body ache and hot flashes. I slept the entire day, all I did was get up to nurse Mason and Danny took care of the boys. Monday came and I was feeling just as bad even ended up having a fever, which I've not had in forever. It hurt so bad to swallow that I did not eat much for the two days and lost 4 lbs. That was probably the only plus side.
        I really wanted to feel better by Wednesday because Danny was having his no more babies surgery and would be knocked out from the drugs. So on Tuesday I did a walk in clinic and they tested for strep and it was negative, they told me it was probably nasal drip into my throat causing the pain. I ended up sucking it up because its a week later today and it still hurts to swallow, not as bad but still irritating. The only highlight to my week was going to Texas for 4 days, which was a total surprise to my mom, wish I felt better but still had fun. One week flew by because I was sick and I did ZERO walking.
        It depressing how fast your progress goes out the window. I could not walk today because my poor dogs got fleas and took them to the vet and have been cleaning my house around the clock to keep the fleas from getting nasty in the house. Only thing left to do is mow the yard and get pest control out here.  Hope to get my butt back on the track soon.