Monday, October 31, 2011

Wedding dress shopping

Wedding Dress Adventures
I guess I will start off by sharing the proprosal. My husband proposed December 24,2006 at the cemetery where my dad was laid to rest just 2 months earlier. Since we are both old fashioned in some ways, Danny wanted to ask my dad for my hand and since he never got the chance like he thought he would, this way seemed right. It was very sweet and my whole family was there. This was the first happy moment since my dad's death. My husband was in basic/ AIT and was deploying a few months later, at that time so we ended up being offically married on December 31st. It was fast, but I had him and my mom promise me we would still have a wedding. Our wedding date was set for a month after he got back from Iraq. July 12, 2008. It was a perfect date because it was our 5 year anniversary of being together.

I was so excited about going dress shopping, but it was hard. We went to David's Bridal in Austin. I am a big girl and needed a size 16-18. I am super top heavy so I really wanted to have straps. I only tried on 4 dresses, none of them zipped and I had to imagine the way they would look when they fit right.
Here are the dresses I tried on.

I liked the way this one looked, but it just felt weird.

I loved this one, but I an not a lover of the color red, and I really wanted straps.

The Back was beautiful, but I just did not dig the red.
This one just made me feel old, but the train was very long and beautiful. You can't see it in the picture.

So the only one I felt right in was the one with the red, and I did not like red, and it was strapless. After talking with the ladies there, we figured it out. My wedding colors were green, so we went with the clover green instead of the red. It was a leap of faith because I would not know how the green would look until weeks later. When I got the dress I LOVED IT, except I was still not happy about it not having straps. I had been back in Washington now for a few weeks, and had them ship the dress to the davids bridal shop there, for my last fitting. The lady that was helping me was AWESOME. I had told her I loved the dress, but really wished for straps, I wanted to get my dance on, without the worry that my ladies would pop out. She made me straps AND did an awesome tie up on the back instead of a zipper. I was now a happy bride, and truly loved the dress and the way I looked in it.

I got my dance on all night.

I want to thank Camille for letting me guest post about my wedding dress adventure.

Fun with our phones MONDAY, Halloween weekend.

Hello New followers. Loved the followers fest idea, found tons of new blogs to read. Hope you all enjoy my blog. A little about me: My name is Julia, I have a 18 month old son named Aiden, you will see tons of pictures of him, he's my little fire cracker. I am married to my amazing husband Danny for going on 5 years, been together for 8, he's my rock. I'm just a army wife/mommy that wants to blog about my world. Hope you enjoy.

Starting the week off with this fun link up with Savannah and Erin. One of my favorite link ups.

 This weekend was full of fun. On Friday we went to a small birthday party for my friends son Noah who turned the big "1".  The kiddos dressed up because afterwards we all headed to a Halloween trail. One trail was scary and the other not so much. Had to be older then 13 to get into the scary one, so Aiden was a tad young,12 years to young (happy about this because I was not really up for getting scared, I'm a baby). Ashleigh over at Life as I know it was there with her family and they dressed up as The Flintstones, they were so cute!! If you get the chance you should go over to her blog, I'm sure she will have some cute pictures of their costumes.We had some yummy pizza, nachos and cupcakes at the party. Tiffanie (Noah's mama) had such a cute theme going on.So I totally use my phone instead of my camera, kind of sad because we have a decent camera.
OK, I'll  show some pictures now.

My little lion before we headed to the party. He was so bummed about wearing the costume, but finally got use to wearing it.

Took him outside to play, made it forget about the costume.

Happy lion.

Loved the pizza.

Ready for the trails, it was cold.

This was along the not scary trail, got to love Pooh Bear.

Saturday we were invited to a Halloween Party. We went and hung out, ate some good food. Did our first trunk or treat, which was neat. Found a neat snack for Halloween on pinterest, deviled eggs with black olives on top to look like spiders. Turned out cute, and then we left some with just a whole olive because I thought it kind of looked like an eye.
Passing out candy.

Gathering candy for mommy and daddy. We let him have a few chocolate pieces, but most candies I wont let him it. I'm such a meanie.

Both parties were tons of fun, ended the day relaxing and catching up on TV shows with my hubby.

Friday, October 28, 2011

October Followers Fest

                Found a awesome freebie picture made by Small Bird Studio 

Halloween costume Idea's

I Love dressing up for Halloween, but this year it's all about Aiden. It's his first time trick a treating. If I was going to dress up here are the things I really wanted to dress up as. Maybe next year I will be more prepared and have everything I need and not wait until a few days before Halloween.
I think  it's fun doing things as a family and that includes Halloween costumes.
The Simpson's, saw a marge and homer costume at wally world. I would have to stuff my hair with paper so it can stay up. Aiden could be Bart. It would be funny.
Adult Marge Simpson CostumeMens Deluxe The Simpsons Homer Costume
Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ, and Danny said he would be the tin man, so Aiden could be either the lion and scarecrow. I could even put Tex in my basket.

Aiden's going to be a lion this year, pictures to come. Gonna be cute!

Here a is Aiden last year, his first Halloween but still to young to take around to get candy, even if the candy was just for mommy and daddy. My cute little frog.

When I was younger I was totally into Halloween, watched scary movies, went to haunted houses, scare people just because, even though I was the one being scared most of the time. It's been a good few years the since I've done any of that. You would think the older I get the more I can take. NOPE, Nothing scary for this mama. However hope everyone has a fun and spooky Halloween, and of course be SAFE. Don't forget to link up with the girls for October followers fest.

What are you/your family dressing up as this year?


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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Guest Book for Ricky L. McGinnis – Online Guest Book by Springfield News-Sun and

Guest Book for Ricky L. McGinnis – Online Guest Book by Springfield News-Sun and

A quest book was made for my dad years ago. Just found it and read some of the entry's. Even being 5 years later, I emailed those who wrote thanking them for their kind words. I thought putting on my blog will help be keep track of it from here on out.

Eff,Marry, Kill Link up

Eff- Captain Jack Sparrow,  It's just the dirty pirate thing.
Marry- Will Turner because he is sweet and loyal
Kill- The only other guy on the movie that looks human, and because he's an ass.
Such a funny link up.
What would be your picks?
It's raing and cold today and thinking about all the yummy comfort food I could have for dinner, but would have to go to the grocery store to get the stuff to make it and well I'm just to lazy to do that today, Might have to do another crock pot week because it was much easier then cooking dinner every night. I went through all the greeting cards last night that I have saved and it made me happy to have my husband home. I did a lot of missing him in the past 3 years, so I'm just really happy that he's home. It's almost Friday, YAY.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letter to My Dad & What I'm loving Wednesday!

                                                     I'm Loving this Link up with Jamie

I'm Loving that Aiden and I are finally feeling much better.
I'm Loving that this weekend is full of fun for us, birthday party and a Halloween party.
I'm loving that even with all the bad luck my family has had they are still some what positive.
I'm loving that it's almost November and we are going home for Thanksgiving.
I'm Loving that in a few weeks I might finally meet Danny's older sister and her family.
I'm Loving that I've met some awesome ladies here in Lawton, and was introduced to Bunco. I'm Hooked.

I'm Loving & Missing My Dad!

Dear Daddy,

        Five years ago today we were told the worst news we would ever have to hear. You have been killed by an IED (improvised explosive device). You were only gone a month, this could not be you, they made a mistake. After the men in uniform told us the news time went by so fast. We were all so lost and confused. Mom had to sign all kinds of papers, and make decisions so fast. We were not ready for this. People were coming from all over to pay their respects, and so many people were there to help. However family truly is the only we should ever care about because that's all we have left. Friends stopped showing up, and caring. I hate that you are gone!

        Still till this day I get by only because I trick myself into believing you’re just overseas, your working since this is something I was use to because of the army. On bad days when reality hits me, I just remind myself that you went out loving what you did. You told me a week before you left that god has a plan and no one knows it. The example you used was that when you’re born you have a number, and one day it will be your turn. You were not afraid when you left. Just a few months earlier you went into surgery to get a tumor removed from the front of your brain, and survived. So I believe you knew it was your time, but God waited so you could go out a hero, and not on an operating table. That was our second scare of losing you and you were strong and always came back home. I Miss you.

     Danny was in basic and I was excited about you and him having something in common. Then once you were gone I hated the idea of Danny being in the Army, I wanted the time to rewind. He went to Iraq soon after you passed; I believe it was 5 or 6 months later. I was not ready!!! That tour was hard because I truly believed he was not gonna make it. No one could ring the door bell or I would flip out. I changed into a panicked crazy woman, still working on trying to calm down. However, Danny is an amazing soldier, and you would be proud.
   So much has happened in five years; never in a million years would I have guessed our lives being the way they are.  Danny and I got married and have a son named Aiden Lee Miller. He looks a lot like Danny but I can see a lot of you in him as well. We gave him your middle name, wanted to carry a piece of you with us all the time. You would love him, he's a fire ball! I can't wait to tell him about you. It's hard going to the cemetery with him because he has no idea that we are visiting his grandpa, but one day he will know. You know I wish I knew what you wanted to be called. We were all so young, grandkids is something we did not talk much about. Danny is still in the Army and has done two tours now. Praying that he won't have to go anymore. I see him staying in for career; please send me the strength to get through this army life. I have no idea how you and mom did this. Mom and the girls are good, we all still have  some things we struggle  with but hoping this will be the year it all finally gets better. We need a good year. We lost you, then opa, and then oma, and mom needs to be happy again.

          Melissa has two kids, Isabell the miracle baby because we did not know she was coming into our lives until the day she arrived, and then there is Johnny, we knew he was coming because Melissa had a belly this time. Laura has one baby girl Ariyanna and a boy on the way, the family has just grown quickly. Those two are some baby makers. Haha took me a year to have one. Nina no kids :) will be graduating early this year, so that's awesome!! I don't want to go into detail about the girls that's something I would want them to do. It's feels good writing you a letter, and hope somehow someway you get this. There is so much I could write, but going to stop it here. I just wanted to update you a little, but I;m sure you are looking down on us and know all this already. I miss you everyday. I LOVE YOU!
                                                                                                     Love always,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween and Paint

I love doing crafts so finding thing for Aiden to do is awesome. Yesterday he finger painted, this time he actually was okay with getting messy. This morning I found a neat idea on pinterest, putting paint is a bag and having them move it around. Aiden played with that for a few minutes. I think today I am going to go through my messy craft closet and clean it and find some more things to entertain Aiden.

Making these for the Halloween party this weekend. YUMMY!!

This year is Aidens first time going trick a treating. I've done some research and here's what I found.

On Fort Sill they have a haunted trail. One that's scary and one that's not, and more for the little ones. We plan on going to this.

Also have found that many local Churches do a trunk a treat, where they just give out candy from their cars.
Going to have to call for their dates and times.

At the mall here in Lawton they do this thing called Malloween. Bring the little ones dressed up to the mall on The 31st from 6-8 pm and all the stores pass out candy.

Fort Sill will observe the same Halloween trick-or-treating hours as Lawton, 6 to 8 p.m

Lawton-- 3rd Annual Children's Safe House - Best Western, KSWO, Magic 95  Oct. 31  4-6 pm Food, Candy, Fun - Best Western  1125 E. Gore - Proceeds to J. Roy Dunning Children's Shelter

Have a Safe Halloween!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun with our phones MONDAY!!

WOW it's been forever since i've got on here, ok just a week but feels like forever. My son ans I were sick, not pretty at all. However I still got pictures on my phone of course.

Love this link up with Savanah.

Finally feeling better, we all went into the back yard and my husband found a app where you can set a timer on the phone camera, so we leaned it against something and took the family photos.

He makes such a cute football.

Love my Boys

Aiden and I went a hung out with a few friends and afterwards took a walk around the museum.

 I really wanted to go to a pumplin patch but the closest one did not have any pumpkins so we just went and bought some.
 Aiden was painting his.
 Picking some out for mommy and daddy.
Helping daddy clean them

mommys carving
daddys carving

All done.

Bunco cupcakes, had a blast a Halloween Bunco.

Happy Monday!!