Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oklahoma bound in 6 days.

Oklahoma bound in 6 days. Packers did a little packing on Friday, but will finish tomorrow. They will put on the truck on Tuesday, and I hope we still make it to Oklahoma before the driver, but he does have a four day head start so we will see.  I have had the worst headache now for three days and it sucks, I don’t think it will get much better since my stress level from this move rises. I am really worried about the drive with Aiden; I don’t think he is going to enjoy that car seat for 36 hours. Danny and I have started on some cleaning, did the outside on Saturday, did the refrigerator and behind the stove today. That was my weekend, sounds great right? Well I am heading to bed early going to be another long day tomorrow.
Seeing Boxes makes it a bit more real.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't sleep

I feel that my mind never shuts down, I am always thinking about something. I sometimes wish I could just shut my brain down for a few minutes. Tonight I just cannot seem to fall asleep, but I'm tired. Nights like this suck. Anyways I mailed out our house and pet deposit, man how I wish I could just go shopping with that money. Most money seems to go to bills these days.

Today it rained all day, hopefully it will be dry for a few we need out outdoor things to dry before packers come. Aiden was entertaining today like he is everyday. He was in the mood to climb it seemed. I noticed that his routine has changed. I would have him in a nap and bedtime the same time everynight but now he fights me on it and he wins. Traveling next week is going to make it even harder to get him back On track, but I guess we will see. Blogging from my PhOne makes my eyes hurt, so I'm off. Night world.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

11 Days

Today was just a laid back day, hung out with Aiden outside. Just 2 more days and the packers will be here, so still just trying to relax until then. Missing my family, I can't wait to see them.So to save money me and the hubby decided to go to costo and buy a big bag of chicken breast and eat that until we leave, it's funny how we have had chicken for a week now and i'm not sick of it yet. We have been cooking it many different ways. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. Here are some pictures of Aiden outside today. Goodnight world!

Monday, May 9, 2011


The best part of moving to Oklahoma is that we will be closer to family. My mom and sisters are only about 5 hours away, and we are about 15 hours from family in Georgia. The fact that it’s close is awesome, I am a huge family person, and my family means the world to me.  

It was a pretty decent day again here in Washington, enjoyed some fresh air out side with Aiden. 4 more days and the packers will be here. Spoke with our landlords, and they are cool with us going ahead and having us change our address and having our mail start there, so that’s good, one less thing to worry about.
Aiden enjoying the fresh air

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day
My Mommy & Me at my Wedding

Today was actually nice out, no rain.  I played outside with Danny and Aiden, over in Ashley’s backyard. I am going to miss that lady. Our Husbands went to basic together and came to the same unit, been friends now for about 3 years. The craziest thing is I moved on base and a month later she did and we became neighbors. This is a plus side to the Army life, the people you meet. The down side of course is we all know at some point the army is going to move us. We were pregnant together while our hubbys were on their second tour, so our little boys will be separated, but I know we will stay in contact, I am still in contact with my neighbor from the first tour, so I know I’m pretty good at it.  Well I hope everyone has had a good mother’s day.  13 Days till we are off to Oklahoma.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

14 Days

Rain, Rain and some more Rain here in Washington. Guess I should just take it in since Oklahoma doesnot nearly get the same amount. I was going through pictures and came across this one I took when we went to see Mt. Rainier

Only two more weeks until we head out to Oklahoma. I feel like I should be busy, but I’m not.
All dates are set:

  • Housing coming out to fix things on Monday
  • Danny picks up clearing papers on Thursday.
  • Packers start packing up on Friday, and Monday and put in truck on Tuesday
  • Monday fence comes down (no idea what we are going do with the dogs.
  • clean & clean on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Final inspection on Friday, and internet gets turned off and we have to return the modem.
OK so I guess I just need to relax, because come Friday its BUSY BUSY!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

We found a House

We got our orders to Fort Sill a few weeks ago, and my husband’s report date is June, 10, 2011. The first thing I did was called housing at Sill, to see if there was any housing available on base, and just like most bases there is a waiting list, and for our size family and my husband’s rank the waiting is over a year.  So I began my hunt for a home off base, this will be our first time living off base.
The best website I found to search homes for rent is- . You have to sign up with an AKO account.  They give you the number to housing for off base, and also give you your BAH rates for the area. I have been looking for what feels like forever, and have been adding the listings to my favorites list and was going to look at them once we get down there.

Other helpful websites for Fort Sill:    Discussions with people who live at Fort Sill.    MWR website  click on HSO to
receive a welcome packet and helpful telephone numbers for the Fort
Sill/Lawton area.

We added a house to our list, and I decided to call the owners since they were not going through a realtor company, and ask questions. Been in contact with them for a few days now and have fallen in love with their house, the pictures had us sold. The rent is a little over BAH but we can handle it, and they allow pets, which was very important for us. I called housing to see what I need to do from here, and all we have to do is go to their office before signing any lease.
Housing does give a number to the police department to get crime rates in the neighborhood.  (580) 581-3259
I will say that from them (police department) and people who have lived in the area of Lawton, it is not a very “friendly” city. The crime rates are HIGH. However I have been speaking with the owner of the house we are interested in, and she says that it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, and this is coming from a person who had her home robbed last year. Talk about being positive. She did however make me feel a bit better about moving there and the area. She has lived in Lawton for 4 years and other than the one time being robbed, has never had any other problems. I feel that where ever you go there are things happening around that we just cannot control.  All I can say is turning the security system on (and my hubby’s going to teach me how to use a gun J) will help my nerves. Anyways, before your move best thing to do is get a hold of housing in that area, and if you have to live off base start searching early. I started looking the second we knew housing was full.


 We got lucky because we found a house through AHRN so now we don’t have to spend days in a hotel, while looking for a home. I am very excited about moving into our new home. The owners are what my husband calls “good people”. They are holding the house for us, now we just need to get there.

About me

My name is Julia and I am an army wife. I’ve decided to start a blog because we are about to start a new life at Fort Sill OK, in 20 Days.  I looked all over the net to do research on the area and did not find much, so I’m going to blog the life we make in Oklahoma, maybe I can help people who are also PCSing (Permanent Change of Station) to Fort sill in the future.
A little about me:
I am married to the love of my life, Danny. We met in Germany when I was in high school. I ‘m an army brat, army is all I know, but is very different to me now that I am an army wife instead of being a dependant. We have a one year old son Aiden who is the joy of our lives. He is very entertaining and I love the new daily challenges he brings to our lives.

 Aiden Happy to be out of the car, Woodland Zoo in Seattle last week, we had a really nice day.

 We are currently finishing up our time here in Fort Lewis Washington.  It was an interesting 4 years, and it was our first duty station together.  Although we have been stationed here for the past 4 years, 2 of those I was in Fort Hood Texas with my Family during my husband’s deployments.  So the 2 years of actually physically being in Washington was awesome, except for the weather of course. It’s no joke, Washington gets a lot of rain, but that’s why it’s so beautiful and green.  For those who may be going to Lewis, it’s not a bad base.  There is so much to do in this area, to name a few things we have done….. Skiing, zoos, pike place market in Seattle, Space needle, museums, Mt. Rainier, tons of shopping outlets, and we also found a small town that had a lot of antique shops.
I will miss the friends I have made here, but I look forward to our next chapter. Oklahoma here we come…………..