Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeling a little crafty.

So I was going through some old pictures and came across things I've made. So I thought I would share.

Spice Rack? Baby food jars, magnets, spray paint and white paint for the words.

Mini Christmas trees made from wire hangers, my mom taught me this.

I made these for thanksgiving last year, they don't look so bad do they?

Shadow box, love these! Think I'm going to put another one together with his birthday outfit, and first pair of shoes.

Glued the rocks we found on the beach together.

duct tape flower.

I'm excited about this weekend, going home and having a jean party. These girls are going to love the jeans. Today was I guess I can now say my regular mall day. Went with Ashleigh and her beautiful daughter. Met some more moms from Lawton moms so that was fun. Here a few pictures of our kiddos enjoying the play area.

They give each other hugs, but i never get it on camera at the right time.

Awesome giveaway from Lacey over at The confessions of a recovering shopaholic, go take a look!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Target Tuesday Link Up

Yay for this link up because I LOVE TARGET.

No Target where I live, but go every time I get a chance, or happen to be in Texas.

Really like this and think it would look good in the kitchen under my chalk board.

Aiden loves these still and he's 16 months old, I like them cause he's getting some type of veggie.

                          Think this might be the next toy we get Aiden, looks like he would enjoy it.

                                       I don't really care where I get this, I just REALLY what one.

Monday Zumba, Tuesday Zumba, Thursday Stroller stride, and Friday Zumba!! I hope to see my weight drop from all this workouts. They are fun, and today aiden joined me in our stretch. He's a dork just like me.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Project

I love projects big or small, and every once in awhile me and my husband just get up and go go go. We have this small area we can see from that backdoor, and it just really needed a makeover. We headed over to home depot and this was out third stop, my husband wanted a certain kind of rock and the other places were out. We got pea gravel rocks, a pot, a plant, and pink chalkboard paint. It's not a huge dramatic difference but it works.

While we were at home depot, I realized that the FREE paint samples could be a good use for teaching aiden colors, so I took the cute mickey mouse ones, just got myself free color flash cards.

We had extra rock for my husband pulled the dead plants from the front and laid  the rocks, once I get some potted plants there I will post pictures.

We found a few red dots on Aiden last night and have come to the conclusion that they are some type of bites, and likely mosquito's since he was out with us last night helping with our little project.

This morning we went to a gun show here in Lawton, my husband may be buying me one just so I feel a little for secure at night, if he's not home, not that the security system does not help. I also think it will be fun for him to teach me how to use one since I have never held a gun other then his shotgun until today. It feels strange, because I never thought I would ever have to use it, but these days you can never  be to safe. Here;s few few that we are looking at.

We are going to go to a shooting range so I can it a feel for them, that day will be interesting.

My pinterest Finds

I'm going to do this once I find a chair. This is a good excuse to go to the flea market.

I love this simple laid back look and the colors.

I think I have the room to do this.

so cute and easy!!

There is this furniture store that closing so we went to look at prices, and got side tracked by the love seat recliner that rocks.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Yay for Friday

When I moved here the grass was so green, flowers were bright and yellow, and the bushes were alive. I miss that. We have been here now for about 3 months and since then the yard has gone downhill. I just don’t want a crazy water bill and seems pointless here since it’s been so hot. I believe we broke a record of days over 100 degrees. It’s insane. The heat also kills the leaves so we have tons of dead leaves everywhere and the wind blows them right to our back door, it's so annoying. It's not even fall yet and we have a leave problem. Another thing are the cicadas. they are leaving there skin everywhere and its gross. They are so loud!

I made my first dinner from pinterest last night and it was really good. I used different noodles because I did not want to run to the store for the right one. I will say that I miss have neighbors to bring left over’s to, we had so much.

I went to Zumba this morning with a few friends, and it was a really good workout. Kind of kicked my butt. The babies were so cute, because we line them up and dance in front of them. They do pretty good; just have to make sure we have enough toys and snacks.

I got my Jeans decal for my car, fingers crossed it brings good business. I need to get the word out! Pictures to come.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Book club and BBQ and of course spending time with my boys.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo Book

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It's OK Thursday!

    Linking up with Amber from Brunch with Amber & Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's ok  Thursday.
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.....

that I miss my long hair, because right now it's super hott and  soon enough it will be long again.

that the foods I make from recipes never look like the picture, because it still tastes good.

that my son hid my keys and I have no idea where they are, ok thats not really ok.

that I will go to zumba to try and get a workout but end up chasing Aiden and just dancing with him.

that I may not finish Bossy Pants by Saturday, but will still go to the book club and enjoy the yummy food everyone cooked.

that my football team may not win one game this year, because I will still wear their Jersey. GO BENGALS, and that's not a joke.

that this may be the lastest I have stayed up in a month, being a mommy is a full time job and I'm tired.

Pinterest Pins for the day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday!! What I'm Loving!!

Going to do my very first link up with Jamie with This Kind of Love for What I'm loving Wednesday! Going to have to thank my new freind Ashleigh from Life as I know it, for opening my eyes to all the amazing other blogs.

I'm Loving Pinterest:

         Going to have to thank Ashleigh again, I'm hooked! Love all the awesome foods and crafts I find.

I'm Loving: that Aiden is making new friends, as am I!

We went to the mall today for lunch and went and played at the small play area afterwards, where me and ashleigh met up with other mommies. The kiddos had a blast. Aiden wore me out, he kept running out of the area going down to the stores. It was a work out, and it was so hot in there, so it truly felt like I was working out in the gym.

I'm Loving: The things I found on pinterest this week 

Palette furniture

                                                         Toy bin made out of buckets

                                                                  Simple Wall Art

All these neat ideas, I'm going to find the time and money to do! I love them!

I'm Loving: BBQ & Football on Sunday
Going to have a BBQ on Sunday and Im going to make these yummy  baked parmesan tomatoes. Going to be grilling salmon, and ashleigh going to bring some other yummy foods, plus a dessert! I should see who's playing on Sunday.

Lastly I'm Loving: My BOYS!!
                                                                I LOVE YOU!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

O Monday!

Worked on this last night, gonna print and use as flyers.

The weekends always go by so fast, but I have a pretty decent week ahead of me. This morning I met up with three wonderful ladies and did Zumba in the gym with the kiddos. It was fun, and nice having Aiden join me, he was either stuffing his face him yummy snacks watching mommy sweat like crazy, or he was on the floor dancing with me. It was cute!  Afterwards I sat around a chatted for a bit with the other mommies and I found myself laughing quite a bit, it was great! So Zumba Monday, Wed, and Fridays, Lets see if I can start slowing taking off some of this weight that has just been hanging out for too long.
I'm glad I did get up and go this morning, because at first I was not feeling it. Aiden and I were both cranky!  

On wed going to the mall to hang out with Ashleigh and some from the moms group. Aiden like the small play area they have there. Thurs going to do morning coffee with some from the moms group, and on Saturday going to my first book club meeting so that should be interesting, and Sunday having a BBQ with the Bower’s all while enjoying some football.
For some reason I really wish I had a Dr.pepper, sounds so good!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun

Long ago my husband and I always slept in for the weekends; sometimes we would not even get out of bed. The whole house would stay dark, order take out, and watch some kind of movie serious. The last one i remember is the Indiana Jones movies. It was fun having a lazy day. Since having our son, we never sleep past 8:30, and every blue moon we get a 9:00 am wake up. Now we are always up, and we usually our out about soon after waking up. Sometimes I feel it’s just us awake, because we always end up being at places before they open.  Anyways this weekend was nice, woke up early as always, and headed out. Our first stop was this textbook place that says they buy and sell textbooks, but they would not buy mine because they are old. Damn those new editions.  2nd place we stopped at was sassy seconds, but I never really do well in consignments for my size, and think why pay $40.00 for a pair of jeans that are used when I can get them new for a little more. I do much better in baby consignments, because I think they have reasonable prices, and it I know it’s ok to pay $4.00 for a jacket because my son will probably out grow it within the mouth, and I saved money compared to the same $25.00 jacket new.  Third stop was a shoe store, o how I love shoes. I could shoe shop for hours. Found a nice pair for Aiden for only $10.00, I love sales as well. And our last stop was ROSS, which is another place I could spend hours. I found 2 Ohio state jerseys for only $3.99. REALLY!!! The benefits to being a out of state fan are paying off.

Went to my first roller derby Saturday night with my new friend Ashleigh, It was tons of fun, at first I was lost on how the hell they were scoring, but finally figured it out.  I got a tank top so the next time I go I will be proudly supporting our local girls the 580 Rollergirls!!!  The only reason I even know about the derby is because one of the moms in the meet up group is on the team, so she had two new cheerleaders for her.
Here’s their website if you’re interested in the team:
I am thinking maybe for the next met talk to someone about setting up a booth for the jeans I sell. These girls could rock these jeans!

When I got home last night it was so cute because my son and his daddy were just chillin on the couch, they had gone a had ice cream together, I love thinking of them hanging out, being just the boys.

Sunday are the days we are mostly lazy but at the same time get things around the house done. Today we replaced the carpet on the back door step, it looks good. Made some grill cheese on French bread, it was yummy! Thinking about setting up the pool in the yard for Aiden to swim, it’s been awhile.
yummy grilled cheese

Have a busy week ahead of me, but look forward to it. Thinking maybe writing a blog just about the company I work for and give people the link to read and see what it is all about. Maybe??

Friday, August 19, 2011

Things that I just find funny.

The things that seem to irritate me are also funny if you think it, or just does not make any sense.

My son is my world but sometimes I just don’t understand why things are the way they are.
For example:

He has every day for the past 16 months gotten his diaper changed many times a day, wh is it harder? Should be easy, and I should be a pro at it, and I’m not. Please just let me change your diaper in peace and keep it clean. No poopy hands.

He has been in a car seat almost every day for the past 16months and he just won’t have it anymore, if they just knew that its safe, and i think comfortable. Every time we travel  I look back and always say I’m jealous of him cause he looks so comfy.

O the Joys of Motherhood. I also love how one minute he is the happiest baby you have ever seen and the next minute you need to run because he's a tornado. No matter how many books I read or articles i read about babies it will always be different. Each one of our little ones will do things the way they want.

Last night Nancy Grace on HLN did a short tribute for my dad, it was nice seeing him being honored for so many to see. I miss him so much!

I am so excited to be a part of this new company selling designer jeans, now I just need to book some parties. I hope starting this new business in a new city does not bite me in the ass, really need to start meeting more people. When my hubby gets off work today we are going to drive around and give my business cards to some of the salons in the area. Fingers crossed for a good turn out on that. I also think my jean journey will lead me to some future friends so that’s exciting as well.  Even though I have started this, I think I could still work on crafts, never know who may like them.

These were fun to make with Ashley, good times.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheetos and Dr.pepper Break!

Moving here to Lawton will be our 2nd military move together, and it’s so different from our first. This time around we did everything together, and it was nice. The first time around we lived together for 3 months and then he deployed so I went home, and I moved back to Washington at the end of his tour and we lived together for a year and just like that the year was over and he was leaving for his 2nd tour. Again I went home, but this time I was pregnant.  Had my son in Texas and when he was four months old did the same thing I did two years earlier, moved back to Washington.  So it is easy to say that I just like many other army wives learn to do things without their husbands. Since I finally have him home, and it will be a year in September,  I am hoping that having him home for longer than a year will help the anxiety problems that I have, since that fear of losing him is not stuck in my head. For those of you that currently have a loved one deployedit’s AMZING! , it will end and they will be home, and I swear that the welcome home ceremony is the best day ever! Hang in there!  Since the last four years were so crazy it was hard to find friends, I was able to make 2 friends that I love and will never forget. We may not be close to each other anymore, but got to love phones and Skype baby!!! Miss you Ashley and Gloria! This time around I told myself I would not wait forever to get out there and meet people, and I’ve jumped right in, and can’t wait to get to know the ladies I have met and become great friends.

Good Times.
So I should be cleaning while Aiden is napping, but I started reading Bossy Pants finally, and it’s funny, I need to finish it by next week, because I will be going to my first book club meeting. Me in a book club never thought I would see the day. Also enjoying a tuna sandwich, cheetos and a Dr.Pepper all while I watch ICarly. I find them funny.  I NEED TO CLEAN! Once Aiden is awake it will never get done. Then again, it is nice to have a hour or so to myself.

Random thought: I hate that all my bushes in my front yard are dead and Im thinking about doing Zumba again. YAY

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I think I found something Good.

Growing up an army brat and now being an army wife, moving is something I was/am used to. I’ve moved every 3 years my entire life, and I loved/love it. Its familiar, having and job or going to school was also familiar. Since becoming a mom, and this is something I have always wanted to be, I have loved it, and thought raising my son and being a house wife would be right for me, but the last few months have felt like I don’t bring anything to the table, I feel helpless. I have this empty feeling and I swear on and off for the past year have been looking for a job I could do part time and from home because I not only want to make money whether its a little or a lot, I also want to be home for my son. I have signed up for many things and 90% if them where scams or it just took way to much risk in investing in products I did not know for sure I could sell. My luck has changed, and finally found something I feel is good. I am so excited to finally start doing something that will help me get out of my funk, while at the same time being the best mom I can be to my son.

The jeans we carry

I am going to be selling designer jeans up to 50%off and I don’t invest in an inventory, it’s provided. I am so excited and cannot wait to get started. I am having my first open house this Monday, and hope for a good turnout, and hope to bring some friends along for the ride.

I am also going to say again, because I know I have said it in past posts, for anyone who is moving to Lawton, or to anywhere new, look up local groups. I joined Lawton moms and all the moms I have met and truly wonderful and made me feel welcome right from the start.
Today I got a beautiful flower cake from my hubby for my Birthday; it was a day early since we leave for Texas tomorrow to bring my sister home, but it was awesome getting. Put a smile on my face, thank you babe. I LOVE YOU.

Update on Aiden: He is walking so much better, and he is even running at times. He is a fireball and keep me on my toes. Last Saturday we went to a place called tumble time and he loved it, I had fun to because I got to jump in to a pile of foam blocks, it was tons of fun and wore Aiden out.  We took Aiden to his first water park on Tuesday with my family. We were invited to join the TAPS group which is a group of family members who all have lost someone to the wars. It was nice meeting others who have gone through the same thing we have. I got to meet and take pictures with one of the Texas Rangers coaches so that was cool.

Last thing I want to say is that I have been praying for the families of the 30 soldiers who died a few days ago, and hope they know they are not alone and that their loved ones will truly never be forgotten.