Friday, February 21, 2014

War with my 3 year old

        My 3 year old has won the war of food. I guess I'm weak.  I lasted less then a week. I finally gave up because I turned into a mean monster. I found myself yelling at him from pure frustration. I broke down and cried and felt like the worst mother ever. Aiden would either cry the whole time at the table, fall asleep at the table, or just plain out ignore me all together. Did not help my mood having Mason throwing pasta all over the place and being very loud. I made mac and cheese (one of Aiden's favorites). This time however without his knowledge I made whole wheat mac and cheese, I was nervous when I put on his plate since it was just a little darker in color but not by much. Aiden instantly noticed and would not touch it. That was it, I blew and he got in trouble and I felt so bad after being so upset. I felt stupid being upset over mac and cheese. That's when I decided I will just keep making the green smoothies, and other sneaky things I've done in the past so he can get some veggies, and hope one day he will come around. I'm just not strong enough for this fight.
Mommy: 0, Aiden: 1