Friday, December 16, 2011

Guest Post with Ashley from Faith and Love will carry us.

Today I am on the road to Texas to drop off our dogs at my moms and then off to GA we go for Christmas. I have one of my best friends Ashley guest posting for me today. She is also a Army wife and got news that they will be moving to Germany soon. This will be her first time moving over seas and had her share her thoughts. She is very new to blogging so swing by her blog and show her some love.

Faith & Love Will Carry Us
                            Germany here we come......

During the spring, we found out we would be getting stationed in Germany. Thankfully, we have had time to sit and think about what will come the following year. Now that the year is almost over we are kind of preparing for the move. It’s not easy with them keeping us in the dark about specifics. Paper work has to be filed and sent up, kids need screening, passports need to be made, the list goes on and on..

So here are some of the battles I have within myself at this time:
I am excited - a new adventure
I am scared  - not knowing much of the language
I am Happy - that I will finally meet my older sister Judith
I am fearful - of how my kids will handle such a different lifestyle
I am overjoyed - in thought, that I will see places I've only seen in movies and pictures
I am stressed - over the finance of it all

I am half in it - and half way not 
I see my list of pros and cons but either way I see it, I know..
I'm lucky, I have a brother and sister there, I have two healthy boys, I have an adventurous husband, and
I already know of family members who are saving up to come visit.
I worry and I stress over the littlest and dumbest things (I'm sure)
such as, what do we take, what do we sell, what do we leave behind?

I am thankful for being in America, my home sweet home and I am indulging all that I have now and know I won’t have there, such as a cell phone with the same number that I've had for years, DVR and Comcast so I can watch my shows right away; internet that I know how to fix and download music from. I am grateful that I can drive across country to see family when I need to. I am so many things.

I'm thinking that God has given us an opportunity to live simple lives. It’s okay to not have all the technology you’re used to, all the comfort that America gives us. As long as I have Him and the boys of my life, He will carry us; He will show us the world in a different light. He is teaching me something I never knew I needed.

I am no stranger to foreign lands; I've traveled to many places: Mexico, Canada, Aruba, and Costa Rica to name a few. And, of course, across many state lines of my home land. I’ve just never LIVED outside of America. So I guess it’s time for me to take it all in and look on the bright side. 

 After all, God created this world for all of us to enjoy, so I guess it’s time to sit back and let God take the Wheel, and flow with the adventures that he planned just for me.

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  1. awe, you shouldnt have :)
    your to kind.. praying for safe travels :)
    enjoy your new family, i hope there not to weird lol