Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project 365 with Aiden's 1st year and a big bump! Ouch.

Project 365

My son was born April 26 2010, and I love watching him grow. My husband Danny came home from Iraq for RR, 2 days after Aiden was born. Those two weeks always go by fast but love every second we have together. While he was home we got new i phones, and I bought the project 365 app. I love this app and going to share Aiden's first year with you.

(Sorry the pictutes came out small on here, but if you click the picture they look better.)

Still have 2 months of 2011 left to go, he has grown up so much. Taking a picture everyday captures so much. When I look at the pictures I remember what we did that day. Love this app!!!

So last night Aiden was playing with  one of his many toys in the hallway while Danny and I were watching TV. Out came a loud cry and I jump and run to him and find this......

My heart was hurting so bad. I was on full panic mode.  This was the FIRST time he really hurt himself. Called the ER, my mom, and my aunt who was a nurse. They all said the same, and I ended up not taking him into the hospital. Turns out it just looks really bad. I cried because I felt so bad, I had him sleep with us last night until we woke up at midnight. Then we watched some cartoons until finally going back to bed at 330 am. It was a long night, but he's bump his much better today.

If you have any kids, what put you in panic mode?
As a child what happend that scared your parents?

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  1. My daughter one day kept jumping off the coffee table onto the couch and one time she landed half on the couch with her feet on the floor and started crying.. She stopped crying after a few minutes and seemed fine. An hour later she kept trying to walk but it was like her leg was giving out. I panicked thinking she broke it or dislocated something so I took her to the ER.. when the dr came in and had her walk it wasn't happening anymore!