Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tattoos,crazy weather and crafts

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful niece Isabell. Turning 3 today. 

Love you!

Crazy Weather
The past week here in Oklahoma is a little crazy for my blood. I scare very easy and over think a lot. I think the worst always, so I worry when danger is near. Today there was 3 tornado's within 40 miles of us, and still have a watch as I am writing. I hope it does not get bad, because I want to sleep. Also today we had a 4.7 magnitude  earthquake, and a few days ago we had a 5.7 magnitude which broke a record here. We are suppose to have more in the next few weeks that may be a little stronger. Just think this is abnormal for here, and wanted to share the craziness.

I finished another tutu dress for a friend, it;s just like the very first one I made for my niece a few weeks ago. I think it's pretty.What do you think?

I wish I could make a living making crafts, I Love making all kinds of things.

Here are a few things I am going to be trying this week.
Going to have to thank Pinterest as always.
Going to visit these ladies blog as well, bet they have tons of awesome ideas.
The pictures are linked to their blogs so go check it out.  

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Stephanie lynn

Turn wine glasses into candle lamps. The blog has a pattern for the lampshade too. Easy, customizable, inexpensive and a nice way to dress up a table or room for a party.
Casose coisasda bonfa

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Little Birdie Secrets

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So how many of you have tattoos?

I have three and my husband has five. I hate the first one I got. I was 18 and flew to Texas from Germany to get my license. I thought it would be cool (NOT). It's what people call the tramp stamp. It was a stupid teenager move. My 2nd one was meaningful. My husband, his sister and I decided to get the word Faith. It was  a few months after my dad had died in Iraq, and My husband is about to leave to go to Iraq. Looking at the word faith was going to help remind me that even when something bad happens, there will still be good.

Here's Mine

Here's Danny's

Two years later we found ourselves eating dinner right next to that tattoo shop and thought it would be fun to just go in and get new ones. Their was no planning at all.



Thinking about what our next ones will be.

Have a great Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I'm scared to come back to OK... I seriously cant handle that shit. Glad yall have been safe thus far and hope yall are until I get back and then I hope we are ALL safe. Cute crafts-- if you want to make money doing crafts, maybe pick one thing that you master i.e. tutus and then make a home business out of it. I'm sure several people could use a tutu for their daughter...ahem... ahemmm :-)

  2. I hope you are safe over there. I have 5 tattoos and I also regret my first one. It's chinese writing and it has no meaning or anything to me. I admit I did it to be cool like my friends were.