Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spoiled or Normal?

          Every time I go visit my mom, or she comes here I have something for Aiden. Oma spoils him, he has so many toys that his room is full and the den. Went through some and reorganized the rooms, so now its not just everywhere. Is is just easy to spoil your little one when he is the only one or for those of you that have more kids does it change once a 2nd or 3rd comes into the picture? 
I know that with clothes I have learned that they grow up super fast  so I don't need so much. I had so many new outfits that Aiden never got to wear, and that their is nothing wrong with consignment. While I was pregnant, everything had to be new, lord how the tables have turned. I LOVE CONSIGNMENT STORES now.

Aiden's Room

I went to goodwill yesterday, and found two pictures frames and a book that was from my childhood. Spent a total of $4.00. I love redoing things so I spray painted one of the frames black, then maroon, and then black again but lightly. Still need to work on the other frames but here's the one I did finish. Made another dry erase board.

After (you can't really see the maroon in this picture)

My parents had got us girls the whole set of these books when I was growing up, I just had to get it because I thought how cool would it be to read one of my first books as a child to my son.

Found a cute craft on a blog and thought I'd give it a shot. Made a magnet.


Some pictures of my lil' man.

                                                  He was very tired, good thing we were headed home for his nap.
He is such a dork.
His eyes get red when the camera flashes, just like mine.

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