Friday, November 18, 2011

Aiden, I Love you

Aiden Lee Miller


You are the best thing that has happened to me.

 You are the reason I was able to keep calm while daddy was away working. Taking pictures, videos, having skype dates with daddy were always about you.

A few things we would talk about.....

Who you were going to look more like...Daddy won that, you look just like him.
What your personality would be like....
How we were going to raise you....
What name you would have...Daddy picked it out.
Lee is from your grandpa whom I will tell you all about when your older, he would have loved you.

You are the first boy in the Family on my side, you will have tons of girls around. You will get use to it i promise.

I love being a mother, and love being able to spend everyday with you. You are my baby boy and always will be.

Here you week at a time.

 Even being far away you were always on daddy's mind.

April 26, 2010 The first time I held
 you in my arms, my life will never be the same

You loved kicking me, and it took me forever to get it on tape, I swear you knew when I had the camera on you. You decided to come into the world a week early, and your daddy's missed it by two days, but he was happy to be able to see you and hold you. You waited for daddy, because right after he got home when you were four months you decided to start moving. He did not miss many firsts.

You fit right in with us, you are perfect. You are the the happiest baby. You have your bad days, but not many. You have the best laugh in the world and makes me smile every time. I love watching you grow, and seeing you learn something new everyday.
You smile melts my heart and will forever. Your hugs and kisses is what I wake up for, Aiden you are my everything, and I Love you with all my heart.

What I hope for:
That you grow up to be a happy and healthy.
That we show you the right path in all things.
To be respectful to everyone no matter what.
To be caring, and understanding.
To live your life to the fullest.

I will always support and love you no matter what.

Love always,

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  1. Boys will always be "momma's boys"..........children are a gift from God! You are a great mommy! proud of you!