Thursday, November 17, 2011

About me and my boys from day 1.

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Young LOVE

I was crushing on him.
 He was crushing on me.

I Love my Life.

First Picture taken of the both of us. (not dating yet)
Taken in Hohenfles Germany. I was in high school and Danny had already graduated.

July 4, 2003. On base enjoying some fun events. We did the sumo thing, and let me tell you Danny did not go easy on me, he kicked my ass. At this time I thought we were dating, it felt like we were.

July 12, 2003 - My parents invited him to go to our family camping trip, on this trip he actually asked me to be his girlfriend. My response was yes, but after I had said really? I thought we were dating. It was cute.

Even though Danny was already done with school he would go to every school dance with me for my junior and senior year. This one was one of the winter formals.

We were in Germany for a few years but once I graduated in 2005, My dad got his new orders to Texas, I went with my family. A few short months later Danny flew to Texas and my parents let him stay with us. Soon after getting there he worked for a few months but ended up deciding that he was going to join the Army.

His graduation from basic.
Danny's Family Day in Me & My Hubby by Julia Miller
My Hubby at is graduation from basic.    Miller39s wifey
Just a few weeks later, my dad died in Iraq do Danny came down for the funeral before starting AIT. (Army school)

October 26, 2006

Christmas was during AIT, so Danny came home to spend it with me. On December 24,2006 Danny proposed at the cemetery.(Asked my dad for permission, it was the sweetest thing ever).

       I said YES!

December 31, 2006 We had a small court marraige.

                                         Went to see him after his AIT, love my man in a uniform.
Missed his kisses.

  Danny got orders to Fort Lewis WA, and got deployed to Iraq a few months later for 15 months.

                                                                    Iraq 2007-2008
The love of my life, i miss you danny so much in Hooah by Julia Miller
 He came home in December 2007 for his RR, which is a 2 week leave, and we went to Vegas and San   Antonio.

Us    Miller39s wifey
silly    Miller39s wifey

Danny came home in June 2008.

I was so happy to have him home.

                                        Went to Texas and had our wedding, finally. It was beautiful.

After being home a year Danny was off to his 2nd tour to Iraq. This time I was pregnant. We had been trying for a year and stopped when we found out he was leaving. A friend said when I stop  thinking about trying to have a baby it happens. That happened for us.

 I love you babe    Miller39s wifey
2009 by Julia Miller

Being pregnant while he was deployed was a blessing.

Danny's RR was right around the time Aiden was going to be born. I went into labor a few days early and Danny missed the birth by 2 days. However he was able to spend the first 15 days with him. Aiden was born April 26,2010

Once Danny left, he only had 4 more months left in this tour, and Aiden an I would be moving back to Fort Lewis Washington a month before he got home.

Again I was Happy to have him home, we were finally able to enjoy our baby boy together.
Now 15 months later we are in Oklahoma. I will follow him where ever the Army sends us.


Home is Where the Army sends us..................


  1. Your smile in the picture of Danny returning home holding Aiden is so bright. You can see the love and joy in your face. I love read your stories. Their real and you. I fell like I have know you for years just ready your blog. I normally am crying by the end. They are beautiful and so are you. Can't wait to see you Saturday.

  2. love this post! u had some BLONDE hair!!!

  3. Sweet! I love Army stories; they take us all over the world, don't they? :)

  4. Its crazy how we could of met much earlier on, at basic grad.. we were both there :0) at that time I had a big ol' belly from being preggers with Ethan, you wouldn't be able to miss me. lol
    i'm glad we met even if it was via phone at first.. it was awesome being able to talk to you with their first tour, it was so helpful, and refreshing since you somehow always got to talk to Danny, if u talked to him, i knew Michael was still alive ;)
    you've helped me in more ways then i can count. your such a beautiful lady and one amazing friend. i feel pretty lucky to have been around for some of your biggest smiles and happy times. I miss you! I Love You!! Thanks for sharing your Love Story

  5. True Love! I'm so happy for you!

  6. i just posted a few minutes ago and it says 225 pm?