Monday, October 31, 2011

Wedding dress shopping

Wedding Dress Adventures
I guess I will start off by sharing the proprosal. My husband proposed December 24,2006 at the cemetery where my dad was laid to rest just 2 months earlier. Since we are both old fashioned in some ways, Danny wanted to ask my dad for my hand and since he never got the chance like he thought he would, this way seemed right. It was very sweet and my whole family was there. This was the first happy moment since my dad's death. My husband was in basic/ AIT and was deploying a few months later, at that time so we ended up being offically married on December 31st. It was fast, but I had him and my mom promise me we would still have a wedding. Our wedding date was set for a month after he got back from Iraq. July 12, 2008. It was a perfect date because it was our 5 year anniversary of being together.

I was so excited about going dress shopping, but it was hard. We went to David's Bridal in Austin. I am a big girl and needed a size 16-18. I am super top heavy so I really wanted to have straps. I only tried on 4 dresses, none of them zipped and I had to imagine the way they would look when they fit right.
Here are the dresses I tried on.

I liked the way this one looked, but it just felt weird.

I loved this one, but I an not a lover of the color red, and I really wanted straps.

The Back was beautiful, but I just did not dig the red.
This one just made me feel old, but the train was very long and beautiful. You can't see it in the picture.

So the only one I felt right in was the one with the red, and I did not like red, and it was strapless. After talking with the ladies there, we figured it out. My wedding colors were green, so we went with the clover green instead of the red. It was a leap of faith because I would not know how the green would look until weeks later. When I got the dress I LOVED IT, except I was still not happy about it not having straps. I had been back in Washington now for a few weeks, and had them ship the dress to the davids bridal shop there, for my last fitting. The lady that was helping me was AWESOME. I had told her I loved the dress, but really wished for straps, I wanted to get my dance on, without the worry that my ladies would pop out. She made me straps AND did an awesome tie up on the back instead of a zipper. I was now a happy bride, and truly loved the dress and the way I looked in it.

I got my dance on all night.

I want to thank Camille for letting me guest post about my wedding dress adventure.

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