Friday, November 11, 2011

4 Day Weekend

I'm such a loser because even being told about it by my husband a few weeks ago, I totally forgot about the 4 day. I love when my husband is home, today we are going to try a awesome picture craft, pictures to come (if it turns out good haha)

Want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Melissa. You will love being 20! I love you.

 Going to be a fun filled weekend. Today going to taco night at a friends, and play games.I will be bringing the game Quelf. This game is insane, and so FUNNY!
Spin Master Toys Quelf.Opens in a new window

 Saturday having a yard sale. I have so much stuff to get rid of,  and having 4 other girls joining me. The bigger the better, well hopefully. Really would love a nice turn out. Wish me luck.

Sunday going to Tulsa to meet one of my sister in laws and her family for the first time, and go to the zoo.
I love going to zoos, I've been to the one's in Seattle and Tacoma Washington,  and San Antonio Texas. I want to go the the one in San Diego CA.  Here are some memories from the one's I've been to.

 This monkey followed Aiden and I from outside to the inside and sat right in from of us, it was cool.

                                                               What you looking at?

 Monday I am hosting  a paparazzo party, one of my friends sells awesome cute jewelry and all just for $5.00 Interested?  Check out her facebook page. Christina's Paparazzi Page

Christina #1825 - Paparazzi Independent Consultant

How cute is this, I love it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. The San Diego Zoo is awesome! If you ever get the chance you gotta go there and the Wild Animal Park.

  2. hey sounds like you have a busy weekend, hope the yard sale was successful! you have been to the cincinnati zoo also, i guess you were too young to remember. its the second oldest zoo in the country and considered one of the best, second to san diego. i seen the commercial for that quelf game its looks funny!......have fun tomorrow!