Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK
That a few days ago I felt my first earthquake, and I got all worked up I was shaking. I got it out of my system so bring it on Oklahoma.
To be SUPER afraid of tornado's. Please stay away!
do be doing a yard sale on Saturday, even though it's going to be cold. I really need to get rid of all my stuff.
to record bubbles gubbies onto my DVR to have as a back up, my son adores that show.
it's OK to be a night cleaner, with Aiden it's hard cleaning when he's all over me.
to go bowling for the first times in about 2 years and do good the first game and then suck at all the rest. ( I get worse the longer we play not better, makes no sense.)
to be nervous about my doctor apt today, hoping they saw nothing in the ultrasound.
that my son loves Dan-o-nino yogurt and could probably just have that all day.

that I still don't know what I want to do with my life when it comes to working. I've always had a job, but the hubby and I agreed that I would be a stay at home mom until Aiden was in school. Just need to start thinking about it because I will need to go back to school to finish and get a bachelor's in something.
to be super excites about Sunday, going to Tulsa Zoo and meeting my husbands older sister for the first time. (We have been together for almost eight year, so it's way over due)
What's OK with you?
Pictures of my lil' man from yesterday, loves playing outside.



  1. I DVR a couple shows so I have them as back up for my daughter.. Totally ok!

  2. My son is in LOVE with Bubble Guppies and he loves the Danimo yogurt I usually freeze them for far as the Tornado..I live in WI and I have yet to see one but my husband did see one when he was on his way home from work. It was a horrible weather. We lost electricity and it was like 2 weeks after I had my 2nd son..I was scared.

  3. YES to the tornadoes! And YES to the Bubble Guppies! :)

  4. Being a stay at home mom does take some getting used to. I've been doing it for about 8 months now and its definitely a change of atmosphere from working. I'm looking forward to getting back into school. I had to leave my last school because we PCS'd to N.C. Still getting used to the new home.

    I lol'd about the fact that the more games you bowl, the worse you get. I am totally the same way! My best game is always my first one.

    Your son is adorable!

    Happy Friday Eve! :)