Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY: Photo on wood

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I LOVE pinterest and have done tons on DIY projects from there, but wanted to share one that my husband thought was cool and helped out with.

What you will need:
Pieces of wood
Gel medium found at hobby lobby
Mod pod
paint brushes
LASER printer ( I stress the laster part because we tried a regular printer and it did not work, we just used a copy machine becasue we don't own a laser printer.)
regular printer papaer

Source: youtube.com via Julia on Pinterest

1. Print you photo on regular printer paper, LASER printer
2. Gel medium first
3. Put gel medum on wood
4. Cover all
5. Place photo facing down, rub all bubbles out
6. Make wet, to rub off paper (GENTLE)
7. Cove photo with mod pod. let dry
8. All done.

Here's why I think they stress using a laser printer:

Left is regular printer and the right is with the laser. We just used a copy machine.

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