Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday and Photo shoot Sneak Peek

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
 Mine is packed full, and feeling it this morning.


Here's some photos I got with my phone, not to many because I actually used my real camera more this weekend.

Ready for our family photo shoot & My son loving the marshmallows from our night of smore's.

We took these pictures waiting for our photo shoot to start, we were just goofing around. I played around with some editing apps on my phone.

Loved our location!!

I took this screen shot to show the craziness of the weather, I'm in Oklahoma and it's freezing and going home to Texas for thanksgiving to summer weather. Home is only a 4 hour 30 minute drive,

We have two of these pillows, Aiden loves his and Tex took control of the other.

I went to Bunco this weekend and it was PJ's and breakfast theme. Found this idea on pinterest, but instead of ham i went with bacon. It was yummy. I was so close to winning $$ for Bunco. However my house shoes won me the best PJ's.

My little man napping. So peaceful. LOVE HIM!

Photo Shoot Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peek of the photo shoot we had yesterday.
I can't wait to see the rest. Samantha did an awesome job.


  1. I played bunco this weekend too! I won 20$ for most wins!

  2. Loove the photo shoot pictures! I'll keep you updated on the veggie turkey's status =)

  3. Love your family pictures! So cute ;)

  4. The family photos came out gorgeous! You look beautiful. Picture perfect family! The hard part is going to be deciding which to use as your holiday card...

  5. Oh i looooove your outfit for your family pictures! so cute!! How did you get your font on your iPhone weather to look like that??