Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My style & Loving Sales

I Love dressing up in cute clothes, shoes and jewelry. Have been spending more on my son since he's number one now in our lives, and very little to nothing for ourselves (my hubby and I). However he never wants anything that has anything to do with clothes. He is very laid back, and not picky about what he wears. So here are my fall picks if I was to go on a shopping trip.


LOVE these boots #1 pick


I just sold all but 2 pairs of my heels, I have given heels up and working on getting just flat shoes.

Pinned Image

must have

I Love this whole outfit, I've shared this before in previous post. It's that cute.

Toms Introduces Cute Ballet Flats For Spring '12. YES!!
New TOMS flats coming in the spring.  I think I'm going to want a pair.


Here's what I found on the sales rack today.

Regular Price $19.99 , Got for $5.00

                                                         Regular $17.99 Got for $4.50

I love me some discount.

Find any good deals lately?

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