Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The fabulous holiday blog challenge day 2

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
Hello everyone,
Linking up today with Amber and Neely.
Day {TWO} - Fave holiday tradition, new or old.
Growing up...
The Christmas tree and Christmas lights went up the day after Thanksgiving.
On December 6th, for Nikolaustag, we put out one shoe and hours later we would see if we had a show full of candy or coal. My Mom was born and raised in Germany so most of our traditions were from our German side.
Growing up we always opened all out gifts Christmas eve around 8:00 pm. For dinner we would have potato salad and hot dogs, very simple. Sometimes my dad would dress up as Santa. Then on Christmas Day we cook up a huge dinner.
On New years eve we always make sauerkraut and pork ribs. They cook all day long in a crock pot. This is one of my favorites meals we have every year.
My husband grew up opening gifts in the morning so we are going with that for our son.
This year we were visiting family for Thanksgiving so we put our Christmas tree up a few days later, I loves that Aiden helped this year. Last year he had just learned how to sit up, so he just did a lot of watching.
Aiden helping Daddy set the tree up.

I love him.

                                              Putting up one of his first ornaments

Putting up the star (Our tree is leaning haha)

                                              Still in Love 8 Christmas's Later

Our Beautiful leaning Christmas tree


  1. thats so sweet! love the pictures.. dont know if we will be putting ours up this year was thinking of getting a big piece of green paper and cutting it to look like a tree and then cut out shapes an stick em to the wall for an easy clean since so much will be happen in the next few months ;)

  2. First, I love the pictures on your header! Second, I used to do the shoe thing at school! :-)