Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nice long weekend is over.

I am so tired, I have been on the go go all weekend. We left for Central Texas on Friday morning at 6:00 am, and that was sleeping in since we wanted to get up and be gone by 5. The trip down we always take US 281, and it's super boring, but I find things to entertain me like reading blogs from my phone, pinterest on my phone, and taking lots and lots of pictures. I found this cool photo app and i played around with that the most. Here's a few pictures I took on the way down.
We pass this rocking chair all the timem maybe we will go into the store one of these days

Just loved this tree, it was all by it's self.

Always sleeps at least half of trip, if not all of it. Takes us 4 in a half hours.

yummy Dr.Pepper!

Lexi being good like always

same tree from above, but liked the pencil art.
Since I always use my phone to entertain me, it always dies fast, just my luck. Friday afternoon once getting to my moms house we went to Austin to pick of a inventory of jeans! Loved the jeans I had, and sold 3 Cookie Johnson pairs, which was my first pair I bought and I love them.
130 Pairs of awesome desighner jeans.

This was my fav of of all of them, but they were a size 5. Still have  to drop tons of weight for that to ever fit, but they are super cute.

These I liked as well and they fit :P

Loved hanging out with the family and we were all cheering for the buckeyes!!
Me and my sisters

I was rocking my cookie johnson jeans!! love them.


Isabell and Aiden Loving the big cups

He loved the fish.

Of course he did not leave the glasses on during the movie.

Sunday we went to sea world, and it was tons of fun. I will never go on a hoilday again because the amount of people that were there was crazy, but other than that was fun. The first thing we always do is go to the Shamu show, it was fun to watch but not as full filled as it use to be, but for the safety of the trainers I guess i understand, they cant work the whales to hard. The most memorable moment of the day was about 2 mintues before Shamu came out my son decided to blow up in his diaper, and trust me it was bad! We saw the 4D Elmo show which scared poor isabell. We saw some other shows and went to the water park. Once we get in the car to head home everyone but me and Danny were asleep within 15 mintues, seaworld can ware you out.

On Monday morning we had to head back to Austin to bring back the Jeans that did not sell, and afterwards we went to target. O how I want one of these in Lawton. We also headed home and it took longer then normal since I guess everyone was going home at the same time, so here are some photos I playes around with while on the road.

Texas open road
yummy banana
Love my man in uniform
just me

I hope that everyone had a wonderfil long labor day weekend. Now back to reality! Did the 3 mile track this morning with the girls, and have a whole planned out week ahead of me.

For all those afected in the fires, you are in my prayers and I hope that they get under control fast!!

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  1. hey julia..remember we went inside the store once at the big rocking chair...we asked if we can sit on it!!!!!!!!:) steffy