Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 8 & What I'm loving Wednesday

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
Day {EIGHT} Fall travel/road trips

This year we are staying home until Christmas, and having family come see us. Last year Danny came home from Iraq in August and once Fall came around we flew to Texas because we have to pick up my car and our dogs, and see family of course. I would say we travel a lot. Here's a few pictures from last years trip. We took a different route home, we went from Texas to Washington going through California. This was also Aidens first road trip.

Waiting to board the plan.

Took a break from the road, he needed to move around.

Yummy grapes

hotel beds are so comfy

The water was so cold

The trip took longer because of the new route, but the scenery was beautiful.

Doing another link up today, Ive not done this one for awhile, What I'm loving Wednesday.

I'm loving that I got my scensty order in.

I'm loving this t-shirt, think our Family Fall photo is going to be football themed, just need to order this first
I'm loving this picture I found on my phone, time has flown by

I'm loving that my new friends are amazing.
I'm loving that Aiden and I are out and about all the time, and not stuck in the house.
I'm loving that my mom and sister are coming up even after the horrible events that have happened in the past week, to watch Aiden while Danny and I go to the Military Ball.
I'm loving that Aiden is slowing starting to talk, its adorable when he attempts to sing the ABC's, the only letter he gets right is A.
I'm loving my husband as always. 

Here's a old picture from the past. 

High school, the time of my life when I had no worries.  

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