Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's been a long day!

So I am posting from my phone, so don't mind the spelling and auto corrects if they appear. It's been a long day! Woke up early, before Aiden which is always a plus. I went to a mommy sale, a bunch of mommies brought there things to sell. Got there at 9:45 and set up, I am selling my baby boys clothes, which I am very attached to for some reason. I could tell you when and where he wore almost each outfit and it makes me sad to sell them but sometimes I need to do what I need to do. My plan is to sell as mush of his stuff and use that money to buy him new ones. Anyways made $60.00 and I still have tons left, so my sweet husband has been helping me tag the rest so I can bring it to the JBF thing tomorrow. It's a lot of work! I did however manage to make a yummy meatloaf today, with stuffing and BBQ in it. I learned that from my aunt Rhonda, it's yummy! Fall is here for sure because all my shows are on and at the same time, thank you DVR, I will be able to catch up this weekend! I want to add photos but have no idea how on my phone so that sucks, maybe my blog pro friend ashleigh will be able to help me with that. Well Aidens almost asleep and I have to get back to tagging the clothes. Yay!!! Goodnight blogging world!

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