Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun with our phones MONDAY!!

Linking up with Savanah at What makes savanah Smile

My phone is used for everything and I use us for taking pictures 99% of the time. Here are some I've taken this week.

Screen shot of my Project 365 App calender, I love this app, and have taken a picture everyday since aiden was a week old.

A jean invite I made on PowerPoint

Christmas presents :P

The fall weather has come, did not stay long haha

This is what happens when he did not nap, knocked out while in wal-mart

We might be Homer and Marge for Halloween

put my fall decor up

waiting for zumba to start

My lunch, yummy.


  1. Love your fall decor and your lunch looks delicious!!!

  2. Uh, can you come decorate my house? Yours looks pretty! Where did you buy your decor?

  3. Thanks ladies, I got the place mats from peir 1, and the candels and leaves from big lots a few years ago.

  4. Omg, a Project 365 App Calendar? That's amazing! I need that immediately!

    Thanks for linking up with me and Savannah!

  5. The letters made from crayons is so creative!!
    And I'm gonna need to find that project 365 app!! So cool!
    Thanks for linking up with us!