Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge Day 9

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
Day {NINE} Favorite football pastimes

My family likes football, but only if we have a BBQ or friends over to we really like it. It's fun getting together watching game everyone likes, and I like being a host of parties and have good foods. I can't wait to have a get together soon with some of my new friends so I can try some of these yummy looking snacks.

My team colors. WHO DEY!!!

I am a Bengals fan, I would say it's because growing up that was my dads team, he was born and raised in Hamilton Ohio. Being an Army brat I don't have a hometown team, which is why I go with the Bengals. My husbands team are the New England Patriots, That the team he has cheered for as long as i have known him. Aiden supports both, last year he was all decked out with Mommy's team so this year he will cheer for daddy's team.
Here's some pictures from last year!


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  1. maybe his aunt will send him a new york jets jersey, lol , or even better an Ohio State one, but patriots are an awesome team!