Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up today for it's ok Thursdays
that I've been super lazy this week and have only worked out once.
that until I moved here I have never had chick fila, and that I have fallen in love with their chicken sandwich.
that my jean party business is taking longer to take off then I hoped. ButI'm new here and at least I'm trying.
that I know the bubble gubbies and team omi zoomie theme songs and enjoy singing them when they come on.
that this week it's gonna rain everyday,and its ok because I kind of missed having it all the time in Washington.
to make crafts and sell them cause the extra money would be nice.
it's ok that at my candle party tomorrow, there will just be a few girls, at least I can say they are my friends.
it's ok to stay in my pj's all day because I have no one to impress.
What's ok with you??


 7 layer dip, making this tomorrow. YUM
 This would be cool to grow inside.

Football snack? I think YES


Oldie from High school, Winter formal dance.

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