Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Linking up with Jamie for another what I'm loving Wednesdays 
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 I'm loving that I had a awesome first week at work.

 Loving the chair my mom redid.

I'm loving SALES

I'm loving my sweet hubby for this surprise.

Loving Atlanta bread!!!!

Loving how clean my stove top is.

loving the German dinner I made.

Loving that my hubby likes his gift.

I'm loving that we went to the Circus last night and Aiden had a blast. Pics coming soon. 

I'm loving that yesterday I got up early and worked out, cooked breakfast  and had a good day at work, and that aiden does awesome at Tiffanys. 

Loving that pretty little liars is almost over, really wanna get the "A" mystery over with. 

Loving that this week is flying by. 

What are you loving?


  1. This week is flying by! I am glad that your first week at work has been great for you! My little man loves to go to the circus! I can't go in HOBLOB without spending more than an hour and coming out with something in hand!

  2. glad you like your new job! the chair looks awesome! danny is such a romantic guy!