Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving Wednesdays

 Wednesdays. Middle of the week is nice. Also because it's what I'm loving Wednesdays. Fun link up, who does not like sharing what they are loving?

I'm loving........

That the long month of January is finally over. 

The box of health goodies I got yesterday.

That my house is clean.

That aiden is saying more and more everyday, I still get very excited when he says a new word or letter. 

That I have so many blogs that I read everyday, you all are awesome.

That I don't have a cold. ( knocking on wood)

That the weather is beautiful. 

That we have understanding landlords.

That I am finally getting a new phone soon, and grateful for having a friend let me use theirs for so long.

That I should be creating little busy bags for toddlers soon.

That I will be finally bringing in some money to help my little family.

That I've reached 50 followers, it's awesome knowing people read what's going on in my little world.

That I've finally figured out what my handmade craft will be to 6 awesome people.

Loving Aiden's blue eyes.

Loving my soldier

~ Following through~

A few days ago I was in a super cleaning mood and was workin it. Aiden has letters on the fridge and he comes in and throws them all over the kitchen and in a mean way. I was not going to have it, usually I just pick them up myself but was not going to this time. I look at him and in a not so soft voice said you need to pick those up. He yells and says no of course. You are not leaving this kitchen and not having your lunch until you do, I am not your maid I say. He cries his little heart out, but picked up every magnet while doing so. I followed through, no empty threat. After he picked them up I gave him hugs and kisses and we ate lunch. It was a nice accomplishment for us. 

~Grocery shopping hell~

Went grocery shopping and we always go as a family, but wow Aiden was just a little terror. He cried so much and loud. I felt stressed and rushed. He was calm when I had him help put things in the cart but that did not last long. Any pointers on how to make it an easy trip with a 21 month old? I need help!

Photo a day challenge photo with Chantelle. 


  1. That's great with the follow through. It's really hard in the beginning. It was so hard to put my son in time-out or to watch him cry; it still is. But, it makes him such a better kid altogether.

  2. Thanks so much for joining the blog hop again this week!