Sunday, February 19, 2012

project 364

This is my first time linking up with Laura from between the lines, very excited because I have a app called project 365 that I have used since Aiden was born, so going on two years in April. I love the idea, and excited about linking up. 

2/12- waiting for that snow to show up. We got excited because we have not had any yet this year.

2/13- my first day at work, and it actually snowed. Nice!

2/14- had a wonderful Valentines day. Aiden and I made heart pizzas for daddy. 

2/15- my day off, I look tired.

2/16- Aiden still not used to me waking him up early. 

2/17- my mom helped put that new cute fabric on Aidens chair.

2/18- I found this huge card my my husband waiting on the treadmill for me when I went to workout. 

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, I'm going to the range to shot for the first time ever. I'm nervous. 

1 comment:

  1. Those heart pizzas are too cute! We still haven't really gotten snow.