Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LOVE 2/14/2012 and WILW

What I'm loving Wednesdays.

I'm loving

That Aiden has been doing good with Tiffany ( she watches him while I work)

That yesterday I picked up Aiden without crying.

That our pizzas really looked liked hearts.

That my husband loved the gun he got for valentines day.

That I'm off today.

That even with working my house has been able to stay clean.

Going to get me a pair of toms today.

That my family is coming up this weekend.

LOVE 2/14/2012

Hope everyone had a beautiful Valentines day.
The hubby and I both worked, but plan to go out this weekend. 

I got a little crafty and filled the love book in the above picture with memories. 
Love songs, small love notes we shared, even the yellow sign that was on the outside of our tent from 2003 when he asked me out on my family camping trip. 

Do you keep you love letters? 

I still have every letter we wrote each other, from high school to basic to deployments. Does this make me crazy?

I even have every card. 

Oh boy I'm crazy. 

I always over did it during deployments.

I love reading them, such sweet memories.

I drew my hand and send it to him and the. He drew his. Sweet right? 

What did you do for this love day??

Aiden and I made heart shaped pizzas and bath tub art for daddy. 

Aiden loved his balloon, animal cookies and play doh.

Do you celebrate valentines day? 

Get anything special? 


  1. I think is so awesome you got your hubby a gun for Valentine's Day. That is a gift that I would totally give to mine!

  2. that looks like such a fun valentine's day! I never even thought about heart pizzas before & now I want to try them!

    and I have every letter my guy & I have have ever written each other, too. so hopefully you're not crazy, because then I would be LOL

  3. I have kept every single card. Most letters were emailed, but those I have in my inbox folders, haha.