Monday, February 27, 2012

Phone photo fun Mondays

Picnic in the backyard. 

I went on a date with my hubby, he took me shooting for the first time. I was so scared but glad I finally did and look forward to more dates like this. 

Both my boys knocked out from a long night.

Elephants from the Circus last week. Aiden had a blast

Yummy breakfast from pinterest.

1 can of crescents
8 pieces of bacon
And eggs. 

I don't use my camera anymore, I am always using my phone. Anyone else having that problem? I hope everyone had a great weekend. Saturday my hubby and I went shooting, I loved being able to go out and do something he loves. Saturday night we had a BBQ with some friends. Loved hanging out and laughing, it was fun. I live doing BBQs but not thinking we will only do a few this summer, they are a lot of fun but can also be a lot of work. We will see I guess. Poor Aiden was up coughing last night and was still at it this morning and called and have a doctors appt later in the morning, hope we get some meds for him to feel better.

Happy Monday. 


  1. I love the picnic shot! Great family photo! I tend to use my phone for a camera too! It's a habit I guess!

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  2. Such a cute blog. I have been blog hopping into military wives all morning. I love when I run into other military wife blogs! That first picture of your boy is very nice! It looked like lots of food and that circus looks awesome!

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