Saturday, February 25, 2012


 Excited abut Linking up with Dana for the first time.

No winter for me here in Oklahoma :)


I seem to have lost my blogging routine, I would blog in the mornings while Aiden was eating his breakfast and watching his bubble gubbies. Now that I'm at work in the morning it's hard. I just seem to  have a hard time blogging at night. At night is the only time I have, unless I can find the time during my lunch break at work.  Maybe I will have to start blogging ahead, because I blog and post right after. We will see I guess. :)

Date with the hubs

Today we are going shooting. I've never shot a gun in my life so I'm a bit nervous, but happy that my hubby is excited to teach me. I hope I enjoy it because I k ow my husband does, and it could be something we enjoy together.


This week at work I did the breast feeding pump training, and wow I wish I was better educated when I was pumping with Aiden. I stopped because it was painful, and now I know how to fix that problem. I needed bigger phalanges. I also did some file organzing and I found myself singing the ABC's a few times. It was funny. 


Danny and I love BBQs so we are having some friends over tonight to get our BBQ on, can't wait. 

Thanks for stopping my my little world and reading my nonsense, Hope you have a beautiful weekend. 

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  1. cute photos!! so glad you decided to link up with me today :)
    xo dana