Monday, February 6, 2012

photo fun Mondays

Linking up for another phone photo fun Mondays.
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Sharing photos from the weekend.

Aiden woke up at 3 am Sunday morning, so this was a well needed nap.

We brought this to the Super Bowl party.

And this banana pudding.

We were ready for the game.


Other yummy foods at party!! 

All pinterest inspired. 

He has has a long day, crashed at the party.

We were cheering for the pats, congrats to the giants! The game got good at the end, love end of your seat kind of games. 

day 2: Words

Day 3: hands 

Mommy and Aidems hands.

Day 4: stranger 

Haha Aiden as patriot. 

Day 5: 10 am


  1. I love the football banana in the banana pudding! Aiden is so cute!

  2. Such a cutie in that jersey! The food looks pretty amazing--wish I was at your football party! :)

    What did we ever do without Pinterest???