Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its ok

It's ok Thursday

Its ok to be me, trying to live my life to the fullest, but wow I am tired and I think it's starting to show. 

It's ok to put playdoh on your head when your this cute . 

It's ok to want to make these for Aiden. He loves bubble guppies.

It's ok to pay $50 for these cute and comfy shoes, a child gets a free pair. 

It's ok to LOVE boobies. 

It's ok to love this polish. 

It's ok to have a silly hubby. Love him.

It's ok to use aidens bath paint to leave love notes, 

Hope you all a a wonderful day.

What's ok with you? 


  1. awe, I love the bath paint notes, what a cute idea!

  2. I LOVE what Toms does! I'm saving up for some ballet flats!

  3. I love TOMS! If you like this nail polish you should check out the Sally Henson Nail Effects! I love them!

  4. Oh I'm so glad I found you through the It's OK link-up! I'm always looking to find more military wives to follow. I'm still fairly new to the Army Wife Life =). We have some friends stationed in Fort Sill and hubs did basic training there, too. Cold place! Looking forward to reading more.