Friday, February 3, 2012

Jeans Party?

My little side job. 

Vault Denim

Have you heard of this company before??

We sell Designer jeans at up to 50% retail!

These jeans are all 100% authentic.

We sell jeans at home parties and are getting real close to being able to order online.

We are growing and it's an amazing company to get into.

If you love jeans and discounts this is for you!!!

Don't  have to buy inventory!

We got new things coming to us as well... Not only will we continue to have our women's jeans and capris from size 1-22 plus but we are starting to carry mens, children's , Maternity and color jeans. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Take a look at some of the new lines.

Emerson Edwards ( getting plus sizes)





Want to sell jeans? You don't have to buy inventory!!!!!!

Hers are a few FAQ from the vault site.

Vault FAQ

  • How are the jeans sold? Many VFC’s have tried several different ways to sell our product, such as expo’s or in-store sales, or boutiques, but what we have found is the very best way to sell denim is in home parties where guests can relax and visit with their friends in a low-pressure type environment.
  • Do I have to buy my own inventory? Absolutely not! Vault supplies the inventories for their VFCs (Vault Fashion Consultants).
  • How many jeans are in an inventory? Typically 115 to 125 pair in assorted sizes and styles.
  • How long does it take for the customers to get their jeans? Guests buy and take the jeans with them right on the spot. No deliveries and no waiting is necessary.
  • Do I get my own inventory? Because Vault supplies the inventories, we have several local VFCs who share the same inventory. They check it out for their parties, like a library. Vault is always looking for new and potential Regional Coordinators.
  • Where do I pick up the inventory? You will have a local RC (Regional Coordinator) who houses the jeans for your area.
  • What if we don’t have a RC in our area? Vault is continually placing inventories in new areas. Once we have approximately 8 VFC’s in your area and have identified an RC, we will place jeans in your area.

  • Are these jeans authentic? ABSOLUTELY. Vault only buys authentic denim and does not buy fake, or damaged jeans.
  • So how do you get such good prices? Vault buys overstock, which are the jeans that are left over after exclusive stores and upscale boutiques place their orders. You will be selling many of the same jeans that are currently being sold in the mall, at much higher prices.
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  • What brands of jeans do you carry? We carry name-brand premium denim at discounted prices, up to 50% off.  We also carry a large assortment of boutique-type bling jeans.  We carry sizes 0 – 22 and can fit most of the women who attend the parties. Our guests LOVE our jeans.
  • How much do the jeans cost? The prices range from $48-92.

  • How quickly can I begin earning money? This week!  You can schedule a party in your own home and introduce Vault to all your friends.
  • How much can I make? Beginning from your first party, you will make between 18 and 24% of your own sales, depending on how much you sell in a month.
  • Why should I choose Vault? Vault is a newer company that is selling a product women need and want at a price that is hard to match. Unlike most Direct-Sales companies, Vault’s majority of business comes from its customers and VFC’s are making large amounts of money in a short time frame. When you look at ground-floor opportunities, Vault is just that. Most people have not heard about us and the harvest is ripe for the plucking.

New program provided from vault. 

Here's my website if your interested. You can contact me if you have questions.

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