Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Warning: this post contain a lot about my son, just a proud mama. 

My son went potty. He's getting so big. My hubby and I are sitting watching tv and Aiden takes off his diaper. I look at him and say no diaper means you have to pee in the potty. We have our potty chair in the living room, and it seemed to work. Aiden takes the diaper off and walks straight to his chair, it was adorable. He was sitting there with his hands together and tapping his feet, gets up and walks away. I did not hear anything but looked and sure enough there was pee. Happy dance, high fives and hugs and kisses. He did so good, acted like it was something he does everyday. I now think it may be time for the full potty training, he must be ready. Aiden also walked down our small steps with out our help and no scooting. Also said house, story, and hamburger. LOVE watching him grow. 

Aiden and I have been sick again for a few days. I've noticed the last few mornings that his room seems colder then the rest of the house, so we are trying to put the heat higher to see if that helps, it's worth us burning up in our room. This will work until we get a space heater. This plus the weather never making its mind up is why he is sick. I'm sick because I catch things easily. I'm trying to make an appointment with the doctor to figure out why. Just some blood tests will help, I know it. 

For those who read in a previous post I had an interview last week, good news I got the job. I am going to be a breast feeding consultant at the WIC office. I've breastfed Aiden up until 2 weeks ago, but other than just being a breast feeding mom I have a lot to learn, so need tons of training, but it will be nice to help contribute financially again. 

I just want to thank those who read and just want to say I don't have the best grammar and I suck at spelling and I'm sorry, but happy that you still come back to read what I have to say. 

What I'm loving Wednesday link up.

I'm loving

That my son makes me smile everyday. He is my everything.

That my hubby was off on Monday, and since I was sick all day lying on the couch he did everything for me. 

That on biggest loser they split up the loved ones. Love the twists.

That I got the job.

That by the time I finally get a doctors appointment I will no longer be sick. (ok this actually sucks) 

That the birthday dinner last weekend was tons of fun, and they loved the cake I made. 

That I get to make 5 people homemade gifts, I have a year to make them but will try really hard to finish as soon as I can. 
That my son is a pro with the iPad. He really enjoys all the learning apps. 


  1. What a great list! Your son is so sweet :) Our daughter's room is the coldest in the house too, what is up with that? You think people would insulate everywhere in the house the same!
    Hope you figure out why you catch things so easily and that the doctor knows without drawing everything out into a long process!

  2. Congratulations on the job! That actually sounds like something I would love to do as well. I really hope you like it.