Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ready for Spring cleaning early...

My organized mess

I've cleaned the closet to many times, so time to rethink the situation. It holds anything and everything crafty. 

Moveed into our den. The boxes are diaper boxes with paper, the Poo actually says photo can't see it it though. Everything is organnized so now I'm thinking I need to organize more. Next are cables... Waiting for the hubby to be home for that though. 

I do have this free for something to go in now, just need to think of what. 

I have to get this house back together so when I'm working I won't be sitting their thinking damn my house is a mess. :)  Maybe I will do spring cleaning early..

I already have a list started:

Happy Thursday everyone. 


  1. Aw your blog is so cutee! Loved reading your "About" . And wow, you go girl with organizing! I need some serious help in that department lol.

    The Magnolia Pair


  2. I've been on an organizing kick too. Maybe it's the weather where I live. I need one of those rolly drawer cart thingys. Where'd you get it?