Sunday, January 22, 2012

love letter

Found this fun little craft on pinterest. Very easy and cute. 


I feel blessed to be loved by such an amazing man. 
I still have every single letter, card we got each other. 

My husband was such a romantic, still till this day reading his love letters gives me butterflies. Being 25 and having such a strong love for him and my son is something I never thoughtgets old get. I'm lucky. 

Valentines Day is getting close, do you already have plans? Are you or your husband the romantic? Both of you maybe?

If you're stumped write a LOVE letter. It is from the heart and who does not like getting love letters? Now a days with text messaging, social media sites, and email, hand written letters are not an everyday thing anymore. I remember getting a letter almost everyday while I was in school from danny. He would be working all day and we would swap letters after school, he would go home and I would go to work. His letter always put a smile on my face.

I use to know how to fold my letters so many different ways,

I love getting gifts that I can have forever. Don't get me wrong I like flowers and candy but that lasts like 3-4 days and I've eaten all the candy and the flowers are dead.  

Here are a few cute homemade ideas from pinterest. 

I've already made Danny something small, and still looking for an amazing gift. I really want this year to be special. 


  1. Those are so adorable! I still have all of our letters to each other, too...they are so fun to read over and over again! Texting and emailing just don't compare to hand-written love letters!

  2. Ha, I used to love those notes! I would have no idea how to fold those things, now. Sad...

  3. thats all we had way back when i was young, passing notes in betweeen classes was the thing to do, if you did it in class and got caught look out!

    ps. LOVE the wreath!